Creative chef Michel Carrier

The chef's biography

More than 10 years ago, Michel Carrier took cooking courses at Sherbrooke’s Centre 24 juin. He then worked at the Antiquarius Café for nine years where he was a chef. His work in Iqaluit further added to his credentials; an experience that broadened his horizons. For three years, Michel has plied his craft at Le Bouchon Restaurant first as a sous-chef and now, for the past six months, as chef. He is happy to share his love of cooking with all the guests who come through the restaurant’s door.


Le Bouchon


His three specialties

-Oyster mushroom and beef cheek poutine (mushrooms from Aux Champs-Mignons)


-Blood sausage with roasted pecans and pears (sausage from the Boucherie Bergeron butcher shop)


-Beet and goat cheese carpaccio (beets from Vallons Maraîchers and cheese from Domaine de Courval)



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