Mansonville (Potton Township)

It’s a hoot!

Mansonville is the administrative centre of Potton Township and it was created by Royal Charter in 1797. Nestled in the North Missisquoi River Valley, it offers spectacular views over the surrounding mountain range, a rich heritage and a warm welcome to visitors, making you feel instantly at home.

© Mathieu Dupuis

© Mathieu Dupuis

After a bowl of fresh air, you will probably be very hungry ...Read more

After a bowl of fresh air, you will probably be very hungry. No worries, you will find what you need here. And a whole lot more.

Place de la Grange ronde

This round barn, which dates back to 1911, has been designated a historic building due to its unusual architectural design

Village tour

Many years have passed but its heritage remains

The Place de la Grange ronde is a hard-to-miss landmark and it’s as good a place as any to start exploring Mansonville. Nowadays, it’s the venue for a Saturday market and also for shows and exhibitions. You can also set off along the Incomparable Potton Tourist Circuit to explore some of the scenic areas in the village environs.

Savour the flavours slowly, slowly…

L’Euro-Delli for Polish charcuterie, Owl’s Bread Bakery, for bread and pastries and Maison Reilly for its excellent homemade meals. What if the weather is good? Make up a picnic and eat it at Place Manson, the Round Barn or on the banks of the river at Place du Moulin. Why not take the opportunity to go pick some camerises, blueberries and aronia berries at the Champs Mère-Terre?

The great outdoors – a way of life

By bike, along the Cyclo-route de Potton, by boat, on the North Missisquoi River or on foot along the trails towards the Réserve naturelle des Montagnes Vertes (Green Mountain Nature Reserve) or on Owl’s head itself. Any one of these outdoor options in this Cœur villageois will awaken you to the wonders of marvellous Mansonville!

And in case you want to linger longer, you can stay at Moka & Chocolat B & B or La Chouette B & B, a couple of kilometres away. Other accommodations are also available in the area.

Place Manson

Your special moment, you’ll find it here, at Place Manson. It is a gathering place for visitors and locals alike, where you can unwind, enjoy a picnic or listen to one of the Sunday concerts

Mansonville (Potton Township)



Mansonville (Potton Township)

Mansonville public market

Mansonville (Potton Township)

Ferme Api M.D.

Mansonville (Potton Township)

Mansonville round barn

Mansonville (Potton Township)

Les Bleuets BIO du Marquis

Mansonville (Potton Township)

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