Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

In the heart of beauty

The Cœur villageois de Lac-Brome is situated in the historic, picturesque village of Knowlton, a must-see stop along the Townships Trail and the Wine Route. Chosen a number of times as one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, this corner of the country, with its unique, welcoming personality, evokes a touch of New England but where people speak French!

A Town of Heart and Beauty

Village Tour

Start your tour by stopping at the Tourist Information Office. You will have a warm welcome and you will find everything you need to make the most of your visit.

A treasure trove to discover

Follow the antiques circuit where you may well discover a treasure… or two! Stop at the Lac-Brome Museum where you’ll learn (among other things) about the First World War. Part of the Museum’s collection is a Fokker DVII fighter aircraft from that era – one of the few still in existence. Finally, fans of the popular author Louise Penny will be able to learn more about the places that inspired her to write the Armand Gamache's famous investigations, thanks to the Three Pines Tour.

Savour the flavours

You can’t visit Lac-Brome without sampling the famous ducks of the same name! Stop by the Canards du Lac Brome, this renowned company which was founded in 1912 and buy some of its products at the on-site boutique. Another gourmet stopover is The Relais restaurant located in the Auberge Knowlton.

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By the lake

Enjoy some special moments as you wander the trails leading to Douglass Beach, ideally during that magical hour when the sun starts to set, painting the sky in heavenly colours.

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)



Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

Raffields Centrale

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

Alizé, le restaurant

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

Le Relais Restaurant-Bistro

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

La Knowlton Co.

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

Bistro West Brome

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

Canards du Lac Brome

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

Domaine des Nobles Alpagas

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

Léon Courville vigneron

Lac-Brome (Knowlton)

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