Coaticook River Valley

Circuit de la Vallée de la Coaticook

Ride remote paved roads through rural landscapes and heritage villages typical of the valley and enjoy the serene ambiance the reigns in the area. The Coaticook-East Hereford section showcases a bit of wilderness and gives you a great vantage point on Mont Hereford.

  • Paved road 98.5km
  • 98.5 km

On the road

Starting point:
137, rue Michaud, Coaticook

The Pioneer Trail

Use a map or GPS to explore this historical route and discover prominent personalities in the region’s history. Each is represented by a large statue that simply cannot be missed.

KM 24

Hereford Community Forest

Hiking (12 km), mountain biking (40 km) and natural beauty in abundance! Incidentally, the forest’s founder, M. Neil Tillotson, is one of the characters you’ll meet on the Pioneer Trail.

KM 35


A poetry trail, Maison de l’arbre, museum/church… Things you can only find in Saint-Venant-de-Paquette.

KM 70

Fromagerie Les Broussailles

Stop at this artisanal cheese shop to sample organic, raw goat milk cheeses. Expect a warm welcome, beautiful property and plenty of adorable goats.


Laiterie de Coaticook

Ice cream break, anyone? Those in-the-know swear by the chocolate, double caramel and maple taffy flavours but, of course, you’re free to find your own fave.

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