The Celestial

Here, the sky is especially awesome, as is the scenery too. Bring your crew to hike, see the stars and sleep in a lovely inn. Time to start planning, stat!

Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

If you’re hiking, you’ll have access to 20 kilometres of well-marked, supremely scenic trails at this national park. Prefer to bike? Take on the 4-kilometre trail, plus an additional 8 kilometres at Parc du Marécage des Scots, a neighbouring regional park. Finally, if taking it slow and quiet is more your pace, embark on a quiet bird-watching hike: There are 120 species to spot.

Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic

Mont-Mégantic Observatory is home to the country’s most powerful telescope. Cool, right? Even cooler is the fact that the Observatory is in a Dark-Sky Preserve, which creates uniquely optimal viewing conditions. You can also visit the Observatory during the day, as well as ASTROLab, which always has a roster of exciting events going on.

Au Vaillantbourg

Just 7 kilometres from Mont-Mégantic National park is Au Vaillantbourg, a 4-bedroom inn housed in an ancestral mansion. (If you want extra privacy, a small cottage is also available.) Breakfast is included (ham and aged cheddar frittata, anyone?), as is peace and quiet. To stretch your legs, head to nearby Mont Gosford, Mont Scotch Cap or Montagne de Marbre.

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