Danville, Coeur villageois

Beautiful Danville

Beautiful Danville

In 1902, a newspaper described Danville has one of the most beautiful towns in Quebec. More recently, the prestigious La Presse stated that Danvile was “one of the destinations in the Eastern Townships that was well worth a visit”. Part of the Cœur villageois network, the reputation of this charming community is well deserved.


An enchanting spot where nature reigns supreme

Accessible via rue Prince Albert, the Étang Burbank (Burbank Pond) is a unique enclave where flora and fauna flourish amid an enchanting natural setting. Here nature reigns supreme, engendering a feeling of timelessness. In October, during the Fête des oiseaux migrateurs – a celebration of the migrating birds – the sights and sounds are simply magical.


Village tour

Follow in the footsteps of history where time stands still

Visitors quickly latch on to the fact that the village has four distinct corners, hence the reason that people often refer to the heart of downtown as “the Square”. Crossing the Square gives you a feeling that time has stood still. Take a moment to stop in front of the horloge du Carré - a magnificent clock that was restarted in 1995.

Once you’re ready to continue your tour of the village, you can choose a number of different heritage routes, following (at your own pace) in the footsteps of history. Along the way, you’ll pass some 60 structures of historical and cultural significance – fascinating remnants of the past.  


Our talented, creative artists

The Galerie des Nanas, Yvon Bélanger’s studio and gallery and Dekov Design (gifts and recycled creations), are just waiting to be discovered.


A taste of Danville

Get a taste of Danville (in both senses of the word!) at the Mante du Carré, a café de village, or the farmers’ market, open every Saturday throughout the year. Another couple of food places well worth a visit are the Binnerie du Carré and the Temps des Cerises restaurant, situated in a former church.  





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