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Set off for a glorious adventure in one of our four national parks, one of over twenty mountains and hundreds of trails of short, medium or long duration. Fill your pack with local flavours before setting off to explore the natural beauties that make our region so stunning.

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Sherbrooke - Lac-des-Nations Promenade (Promenade du Lac-des-Nations)

3.5 km - 1h - Easy - Loop

Boucle du Mont Saint-Joseph

8.5 km - 4h - Difficult - Loop

Sentier du Pic et de la Grue

1 km - 30 min - Easy - Loop

Les légendes

1.1 km - 1h - Intermediate - Linear (one way)

Boucle du Lac Spruce

3 km - 2h - Easy - Loop

Sentier du Parc historique de la Poudrière de Windsor

12 km - 4h - Intermediate - Loop

Mont Écho

12 km - 5h - Difficult - Linear (round trip)

Trails of Parc des Deux Rivières

4 km - 1h15 - Easy - Loop

Le Littoral

16 km - 6h - Easy - Linear (round trip)

Neil-Tillotson Hiking Trail - East Hereford Sector

16 km - 5h - Intermediate - Loop

Sentier principal -1 (border crossing to border crossing)

81 km - 6 days - Difficult - Linear (one way)

Chute à Louise Trail

2 km - 1h - Easy - Loop

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