Gourmet getaways (Chefs créateurs, Café de village, Restaurants/terraces)


logo_chefs_createurs.jpgChefs Créateurs

The Chefs créateurs work in around 20 of the region’s best restaurants. Innovative, passionate and creative, these culinary masters incorporate the latest trends in their sophisticated, flavorful cuisine, offering diners an unforgettable gourmet experience. For discerning consumers, keen to sample local products, the Chefs créateurs trademark is an easy way to identify the restaurants that specialize in high quality regional fare.


pdf.gifChef créateur John Kostuik and his menu


pdf.gifChef créateur Hans Christiner and his menu


pdf.gifChef créateur Jérôme Turgeon and his menu


pdf.gifChef créateur Olivier Saint-Arnaud and his menu


pdf.gifChef créateur Alain Ferraty and his menu


pdf.gifChef créateur Éric Garand


pdf.gifChef créateur Danny St-Pierre


  • La Rotonde (Granby)

        pdf.gif Chef créateur David Deslandes and his specialities






    cafevillage_logo.jpgCafé de village

    The Cafés de village des Cantons-de-l’Est network, a newly created select group, is akin to the Cafés de pays in France. Whichever café you choose, you’ll discover a meeting place that is welcoming, friendly, and especially down-to-earth. You’ll be delighted with the experience! The owners of these cafés, which are the heart and soul of their corner of the Townships, are proud to share their flavours… and their surroundings!

    Cafés de village are small establishments with one thing in common: to serve – coffee (of course) – but also a healthy menu, local and seasonal products. Several also serve Créateurs de saveurs (flavour designer) products. Those who hold liquor licenses offer local beers and wines.




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