The True Value of a BALNEA Gift

Here we are in December making a list of all those we cherish and to whom we’d give the moon and stars to show how much we care! This year, BALNEA is proposing the next best thing! Offer them the gifts of health, wellness and relaxation and quality time, always in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Luckily, the trend today, as we wish so much to preserve our planet, is to offer more personal and sustainable gifts, to avoid overpackaging and obsoleteness. BALNEA has been participating in this movement since it began and invites you to join in as well by selecting options to fully appreciate the benefits Mother Nature provides us.

An Amazing Environment

During the cold season, BALNEA spa + réserve thermale invites you to introduce your loved ones to experience their immersive and breathtaking environment. Nestled in the heart of a luxuriant forest, surrounding a preciously preserved lake, the reserve will inspire the most active people on your list as much as those who prefer a slower beat. Its network of trails covers 22 km of pathways for running and hiking, but also for a soul-soothing meditation.

By offering the thermal experience combined with a day of outdoor sports, or, yet again, as a momentary escape from their daily grind, you’re giving a truly healing moment for all their sore muscles as well as for their preoccupied minds. The hammams, the baths and saunas, the waterfall and the amazing relaxation spaces … everything was designed for renewing our energy.

Authentic Cares

The gift of a therapeutic or relaxing massage will be received with sincere gratitude! The benefits for both the body and the mind are well known. BALNEA’s massage therapists, among the best in all of Quebec, are always attentive to the needs of their clients. In fact, their cares are highly recognized for their excellence.

Body treatments and facials offered by the reserve’s estheticians produce the most remarkable results for returning the skin to its initial radiance. An invigorating scrub, a toning wrap, or perhaps a pedicure? Can you imagine the smiles when you offer this gift?

BALNEA has a panoply of stunning packages. Communicate with one of their care consultants to find out more about what’s new.

A creative menu

The restaurant LUMAMI, cuisine santé, will surely please the finest palates with its terroir gastronomy as savoury as it is healthy. It’s the perfect complement for the thermal experience or any other package offered by the reserve.

So, without boxes, ribbons and wrappings, the BALNEA experience offers a quiet immersion inside nature to receive its most precious benefits. The footprint you’ll leave will be almost invisible on the planet, but will produce a profound impact on the hearts of your loved ones.



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