Chocolate for Easter… Only a Click Away

Updated on Mar 25, 2021

Easter without chocolate? Unthinkable! To meet your near and dear ones’ cravings for chocolate (and your own), we’re offering you nine places where you can order your sweet chocolate treats with either safe boutique take-out or home delivery services.

Le Musée du chocolat (Confiserie Bromont)

Chickens, squirrels, rabbits, frogs, ducks, dogs, owls … here, you’ll find plenty of chocolate mould shapes, all concocted with pure cocoa butter chocolate.

To order: Online, by e-mail at, by calling 450 521-1704 or at the boutique.

Chocolats Vanden Eynden (Magog)

Chocolats Venden Eynden’s Easter catalogue is well stocked. You’ll find traditional Easter animals, exclusive creations such as Jo Coco, the farmer or the Tiki van, garnished eggs, boxes of fine chocolates and chocolate kits containing different pieces for your chocolate foodies.

To order: Online, by calling at 819 843-1706 or at the boutique
Deliveries: Offered in Magog and in Orford

Chez Dora Boulangerie Artisanale (Eastman)

Chez Dora, you can stock up with their delicious Easter chocolate, but also with some truly decadent pastries such as their chocolate Easter cakes or their Lent Brioches.

To order: Online, by calling 579 532-8820 or at the boutique
Deliveries: Offered in the Memphremagog region

Choco-Là (Sherbrooke)

These sweet little chocolate treats will surely make your loved ones quite happy! And, why not treat yourself as well by adding a box of deluxe Poufettes, their absolutely irresistible chocolate covered marshmallow stuffed cookies, to your order? Comfort guaranteed.

To order: By phone 819 822-1771, by e-mail by writing to or at the boutique

Comptoir gourmand du Centro (Sherbrooke)

Among all the succulent local products offered at their boutique, of course, you’ll find several gourmet Easter treats, of which the Fays Terroir Chocolatée’s fantasy chocolates, maple butter chocolate bars and cream chocolate.

To order: Online, by calling 819 993-1834 or at the boutique Deliveries: Offered in everywhere in Canada!

Confiserie Hansel & Gretel (Cowansville)

You’ll find all kinds of sweet little chocolate figurines and truffle-filled eggs at the Confiserie Hansel & Gretel.

To order: By private message on their Facebook page, by calling 450 263-3601 or in person at the boutique

Les Délices d’Elliot (Sherbrooke)

Which model would you choose? The mischievous little duck, the squirrel firefighter, the rabbit and its wheel barrel, the chick inside its egg, the fish…? No matter which one you choose, they’re all scrumptiously delicious! And, good to know, if you wish to celebrate an anniversary, this company also makes fine cakes and cupcakes.

To order: By private message on Facebook, by calling 819 437-8787 or in person at the boutique

La Liégeoise (Sherbrooke)

At La Liégeoise pastry shop, you’ll find, among their other treats, all kinds of Belgian chocolate moulds. It’s the perfect time to stock up.

To order: By calling 819 569-3243 or in person at the boutique

Chocolats Favoris (Sherbrooke)

The Sherbrooke outlet in the Eastern Townships offer a wide inventory of Easter eggs and other chocolate figurines which will please small and tall alike! You might also opt for one of their many chocolate fondue varieties… The idea being to gather the entire family.

To order: By calling 819 987-1088 or in person at the boutique
Deliveries: Offered in a 25 km radius.

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