Looking for a hiking challenge?

Test yourself with this three-mountain loop: Saint-Joseph, Victoria, and Megantic at Parc national du mont-Mégantic… challenging to say the least, but if you can take it, this loop is for you. Want more? Try the Sentier des Sommets (Mount Signer) in the Green Mountain Natural Reserve in Potton Township or Mount Bélanger from the steep, monkey face-style pass in Saint-Robert-Bellarmin.


Prefer a slower pace while still enjoying a challenge? Take the Sentier des cimes trail at the Parc national du mont Mégantic in the Franceville sector, the Dos d’orignal trail returning by Mount Gagnon in the PENS in Sutton, or the Sentier des crêtes trail in the Parc national du mont-Orford.


After all that effort, there’s nothing better than rest at a spa, a great meal in one of our restaurants, or a visit to one of our Chefs créateurs or Cafés de village…




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