5 Exceptional Wines to Purchase for Yourself

Updated on Nov 1, 2023

If you need to choose which wine would be the most harmonious accompaniment to a 5-course menu, the following ones would surely be among my selections. You might also decide to offer them as gifts or keep them for future celebrations.

By Marc-Antoine Bergeron

Sparkling White Wine - Union Libre cidre & vin

This sparkling white wine, produced following the traditional Champenoise method, is made with Seyval, Vidal and Chardonnay grape varieties. The Chardonnay is slightly aged in French oak barrels, whereas the Seyval and Vidal are aged in stainless steel vats. The combination of grapes and their aging process give this wine a fine complexity of aromas, with light notes of praline and hazelnut from the Chardonnay, and bursting with exotic fruit and citrus from the Vidal and Seyval. Being a “brut” cuvée, you’ll find very little sugar present here.

On the palate, it offers delicate, persistent bubbles. Its texture is very supple and the acidity here is quite crisp, and, as with most Union Libre wines, you’ll discover the hints of a mineral finish (due to a soil rich in schist and slate stone).

To be paired with oysters and other crustaceans.

  • Available at the vineyard and in certain fine restaurants and grocery stores throughout Quebec.

Réserve Riesling - Léon Courville

I’m a great fan of Riesling, so I must mention this one! Of course, it differs from great German or Alsatian Rieslings, but it can hold its own quite well! It has a very aromatic nose, typical of Quebec Rieslings with its grapefruit, rose petal, honey and nutty aromas. On the palate, it offers a crisp acidity, exactly what amateurs of these wines love about them! Its texture is round and it’s a dry wine.

To be paired with: perfect to accompany Asian or Indian dishes, and can go very well with ceviche, sushi and fish tartar.

  • Available at the vineyard, the SAQ and in some restaurants.

Rosé du Village - Clos Ste-Croix

With Rosé du Village, we discover a light, very refined rosé. This cuvée is elaborated mostly with Seyval Blanc (this vineyard’s primary grape variety) and is completed with Maréchal Foch grapes to give it some fruit and colour. It gives off a fine nose with strawberry, raspberry, citrus and rose petal aromas. On the palate, we can taste a fresh acidity and a round texture. This is a light, yet very dry wine. To be paired with salmon or trout, smoked, as gravlax or tartar dishes, but especially with cheese fondue. Its acidity will cut through any fat, its texture will accompany that of the fondue, and because of its finesse and lightness you won’t feel too bloated after eating such rich dishes.

  • Available at the vineyard

Mackenzie-Parker 2018 - Vignoble Domaine Bresee

With a view facing Mount Sutton this 100% Sainte-Croix cuvée is elaborated by Rick Bresee and his great family. A very fine and inviting nose, with aromas of red fruit, spices, and hints of vanilla, brought about because a year-long aging process in hybrid oak barrels and two years in their cellar before being sent to market. On the palate, this aging gives the wine a supple and delicate texture with light tannins and well-balanced acidity.

To be paired with any red meat tartar. Personally, I’d pair it with deer or duck dishes, as well as fine charcuterie and soft cheeses.

  • Available at the vineyard, in some restaurants and some fine grocery stores.

La Graduation - École du 3e rang

This sparkling pear cider, made following the traditional method, is truly original and very versatile. It offers a very aromatic, somewhat complex nose, with rich aromas of yellow apples, pears and sweet spices. On the palate we discover a certain smoothness without being too sweet. A fresh acidity balances everything and its bubbles are delicate and persistent.

To be paired with: It’s great served as an aperitif, good for accompanying cheese platters and desserts, sublime with foie gras, and can also be incorporated in excellent cocktail drinks!

  • Available at the vineyard, in some restaurants and fine grocery stores.

Marc-Antoine Bergeron

A native resident and true lover of the Eastern Townships, Marc-Antoine has worked in the region’s restaurant business for more than twenty years. His love of the trade has inspired him to perfect his knowledge in sommellerie. Indeed, acquiring a wine expertise has been his passion for several years now, and even prompted him to enter and win the “Battle of the somm 2019” contest. Today, the wine and spirits field has become a full-time occupation for Marc-Antoine. Whether for restaurant businesses or for private sommelier services, he loves to share his knowledge and have people discover new wines. Follow him through his column to learn more about this fascinating world as you learn more about our fabulous local products and producers!
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