A Holiday Table 100% Local

The Eastern Township region is truly like a well-stocked pantry, bursting with good things to enjoy! To prove it, here you’ll find a feast made exclusively with our own home-grown products!

By Carolyne Parent

Sparkling with a Punch

Domaine Bergeville

To get the evening properly started, serve your guests a rosé from Domaine Bergeville, sold online by Hatley county vineyard. The Sabrevois and Frontenac vin gris are made with rustic grapes and are as lovely to the eye as they are good to the taste. Scents of strawberry and candy cane on the nose you say? Well, that’s exactly what it is! To your health!

Whole or pulled, this is no lark!

Canards du Lac Brome

In China, where they particularly appreciate this dish, the duck is a symbol of happiness. Here, also, a meal which includes duck meat always causes a sensation at a Holiday feast. Load up on pâté de foie, rillettes, roasts and others such as candied duck thighs, all found at Brome Lake Ducks. As hors d’oeuvres or as the main course, this versatile bird will be all the craze!

Out of the Ordinary Meat Pies

La Rumeur Affamée and Atelier Caramel

Do you like homemade meat pie? Well, you’ll fall head over heels for those made at La Rumeur affamée, a gourmet food store in Sutton. Spelt flour, butter, coarse sugar and sea salt are the ingredients they use for their dough. In the classic version it is garnished with a mixture of pork and beef; in their veggie version, you’ll have organic millet, mushrooms and potatoes. They’re all made with love and in collaboration with Atelier Caramel, located at the same address. A tip: reserve yours right away, they’re very popular!

Our Jersey Raw

Fromagerie des Cantons

To build a fine cheese platter, it must present three, four, five different types of cheeses. The Fromagerie des Cantons cheese shop, in Farnham, offers an excellent selection made with raw Jersey cow milk. The Zéphyr tastes rather like hazelnuts, whereas the Sirocco with its more pronounced flavour in the Morbier style, is aged for more than six months.

The Blue Benedictine Cheeses

Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Cheese Factory

L’Ermite, a blue-veined cheese sends out aromas of mushrooms and has contributed to the renown of the Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey cheese factory since 1943. If you’re a true blue amateur, you should know that the monks make three others, among them the award winning Bleu Bénédictin. In all, you’ll find twelve different cheeses sold at the establishment’s boutique. The only things that are still missing are a bunch of grapes and a good French baguette!

Ah! Those Christmas logs!

Pâtisserie La Vitrine

In Sherbrooke, the Christmas logs of La Vitrine, made with cream, butter and real fruit, stand out not only because of their enhanced flavour, but also because of their appearance. In its wiser version, yet not at all traditional, the “Tout ou Rien” log (All or Nothing) is a vegan and gluten free option dressed with butter cream (lactose free). In its decadent version, the “Tronc” log is made with maple jelly, apple caramel and sugar taffy. There’s also the amazing “Boules” log. You’ll never find this trio anywhere else.

Only for Those with a Sweet Tooth

Désirables Gâteries

Our grandmothers used to make raisin pies for Christmas, but times have really changed now. In Bromont, at Désirables Gâteries, where pies reign, their latest creation, especially made for Christmas, will really titillate your taste buds! Just imagine a traditional crust or a brownie type base, covered with sea salt dulce de leche, Grenoble walnuts and chocolate, and if this isn’t enough, it is also garnished with whipped cream and caramel and chocolate ganache. Yummy!

A Chocolate Ending

Chocolats Vanden Eynden

In Magog, Vanden Eynden (online sales) has a highly developed Holiday spirit as seen in their Christmas trees, snowmen, elves and other Christmas ornaments, all made with Belgian chocolate! Their boots—chocolate, of course—are filled with fine chocolates and will have the most delightful effect as you place them on your table when serving coffee.

The Grand Finale

Cidrerie Milton, Domaine Pinnacle, Union Libre and Château de cartes

To beautifully end this Township feast, take these last few moments to serve a couple of glasses of ice cider! The Cidrerie Milton, in Sainte-Cécile de Milton, the Domaine Pinnacle, in Frelighsburg, Union Libre and Château de Cartes (online sales), in Dunham, all have most surprising and amazing propositions for you!


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