Updated on Apr 9, 2024

12 Ways to Mark the Arrival of Spring in the Townships

There’s something in the spring air that makes us smile and want to take advantage of this beautiful season. Here are 12 ways to do so, in the Townships.

©Charles Dion

Take Advantage of Sugaring Season

Our sugar shack meals constitute a very popular tradition in the Eastern Townships during sugaring season. Whether you choose to visit one of our sugar shacks or you choose a take-out menu, the result is always delicious!

©Daphné Caron

Relax on a Terrace

The first few times the temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius marks the opening of our restaurant terraces… Where will you want to make your first stop? Here are a few ideas for you to consider!

©Daphné Caron

BBQs and Local Products

A Brome Lake Duck product, accompanied by a cold Brasserie Dunham beer, a wedge of the Saint-Benoît-du-Lac abbey cheese, and an ice cream cone from the Laiterie Coaticook for dessert. This and so many more options are possible!

Rejuvenating Aromas

Whether it’s the Savon des Cantons’ black soap that will leave your house smelling amazingly clean, Oneka’s hair products, or yet again the soft skin creams offered by the Asinerie Les Ânes en culotte, you’ll find everything you need right here to kick-start both your body and your home!

©Charles Dion

Can’t wait to take your Saddle Out?

Well, it’s time! Your bike is ready and you’re impatiently fidgeting while hoping to get back out in the fresh air? Here are a few suggestions of circuits where you can get your season started, among these, one from our exceptional collaborator, Yvan Martineau.

©Daphné Caron

The First Ice Cream Cone

Pistachio flavours, dipped in Belgian chocolate, sprinkled with maple taffy chips… Choosing which will be your first ice cream flavour of the season? Not as easy as you think!

Spring rhymes with Rosé!

Domaine du Ridge’s Champs de Florence, Vignoble La Bauge’s Rose de Sainte-Rose, Vignoble de l’Orpailleur and their Orpailleur Rosé… The timing is perfect! So, treat yourself with rosé wines!

©Charles Dion

The First Kayak Outing

Whether you prefer wide blue spaces such as the Grand lac Saint-François or Lake Memphremagog, or more discreet waterway such as the Rivière aux Cerises marsh or the North Missisquoi River, your first kayak adventure in the Townships will, without a doubt, be wonderful.

Revisit your Plate

Along with the return of warmer weather comes the urge to try lighter more vegetal menus. And why not more local! Here’s the challenge we’re proposing (a savoury one at that!): To discover at least 5 new products offered by local producers and artisans. Are you game?

Feel like refreshing your wardrobe?

We must admit, the risk you take by adventuring out to our local stores lies in the possibility of returning home with much more than just a dress or a top!

Reserve your Lodgings

In case you weren’t aware of this, Eastern Township stays are always very popular during the summer (before and after as well!) so please, now’s the time to RESERVE your hotel, B&B, inn, campsite, authentic lodging or cottage! A truly smart suggestion.

Your Dream Stay? It’s Right Here!

This summer, whether you’re dreaming of following the wine route, hiking up to the summit of our highest mountains in the Mégantic region, visiting our local producers, discovering the Township Trails’ exceptional heritage route; or if you hope to explore the heart of our towns and cities, visit us right here to plan your stay or simply to inspire yourself. We’re sure of one thing, you won’t be able to do it all this year!

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