Published on May 4, 2021

10 Ways to Wish Her “Happy Mother’s Day”!

You love her all year round, not only on this specific Sunday. Yet, you feel you haven’t demonstrated your love for her as much as you would have liked … here’s your chance to make up for lost time, and this, 10 times more than one!

By Carolyne Parent

A Garden Outing

In Magog, the olfactive activity concocted by La Grange du parfumeur - Maison du parfum in their scent garden is the perfect outing to revive those lovely memories spent with mom! The idea consists of breathing in some of Alexandra Bachand’s creations, the “nose” that created this perfumery, and to let your emotions flow. You can also order a discovery gift package and carry out the exercise at home! However, it would be too bad to miss out on experiencing such a beautiful garden…

Please note that the Jardin des Senteurs is not yet open. The reopening is scheduled for early summer (by reservation).

La Sherby, A Boxful of Great Ideas

Are you acquainted with La Sherbybox? It’s a gift box containing lovely treats to pamper your body and your taste buds, all aimed at celebrating mom, while supporting Sherbrooke businesses, and to contribute to the Fondation du CHUS, devoted to women’s health. Our so-called version of killing three birds with one stone!

Psst! A box for a good cause, what a great idea! Ordering from our local restaurants, gourmet boutiques, is also an awesome thought! Have them deliver a delicious meal to her house or purchase their amazing products for going on a picnic in the park with her. A simple but such an amazing moment to experience!

A Spahhh Day Just for Her!

Who wouldn’t love to be pampered these days? In our Townships, we’re truly very lucky because many spas, each with their very unique personality, offer very inspiring escapades! Some suggestions? Balnea Spa + réserve thermale in Bromont; Spa Bolton, set along the Missisquoi River; Spa Eastman, also offering a lodging service, perfect for a mother-daughter getaway!

Expand her Creativity Bubble!

She’s tried knitting, she’s turned a pottery wheel, she’s tried watercolours, she’s gardened… Without a doubt, she’d love to experience this activity certainly as Zen as the others she’s tried, as she learns more about the art of organic soap making! In Barnston-Ouest, the artisan of the Soaperie Main de nature offers a private 4-hour workshop to transmit all her knowledge. Here’s another idea, how about offering her a selection of soaps from the superb Les Légendes collection, handmade at Savonnerie des diligences.

©Daphné Caron

Amazing Terroir Beverages

She loves author wines and enjoys discovering new vintages? Her timing is perfect; our region is home to some great wine making domains which produce truly excellent varieties. Also, think local, by choosing a white Vidal by Val Caudalies, with the freshness of a chardonnay, or their sweet or dry Lab vermouth, an aperitif produced with the same grape variety; there’s also the Domaine du Ridge’s elegant rosé, Champs de Florence; or yet again, a bottle of Léon Courville Vigneron XP rouge, with its candied fruit aromas. You can purchase them at the SAQ if you can’t visit their vineyards.

Rare Sweet Treats

In Bedford, the confectionery Capeline & chocolat is well known by those with a sweet tooth. To surprise mom, offer her one of their capelines, a very original treat made with homemade marshmallow and fruit jelly on a cookie base and dipped in chocolate. Be prepared, she’ll surely ask you for more of these gourmet “whippets”! Chocolats Vanden Eyden in Magog, and the Musée du Chocolat in Bromont also offer some totally divine treats…

A Reenergizing Experience in Equestrian Style

Neighbouring the Parc National de Frontenac, in Stornoway, you’ll find the Winslow ranch; The ideal place to choose for a mother-daughter moment and for adjusting your beat to that of these magnificent horses. There are trails that will take you all the way to the Parc de Frontenac, surrounded by an environment as beautiful as it is serene.

A Successful “Catch”

More and more women are becoming fishing enthusiasts! How to initiate yourselves or how to get back to this sport? With an accredited guide, a casting or fly pro, in a package offered by the Manoir Hovey, in North Hatley. Oh, what a great mother and daughter activity!

A local Artisan as a Gift

The region is home to many very talented artisans. Between wooden spoons, stylized vases, a glass blown decorative objects, pretty quilts or refurbished side tables, the choices are endless, beautiful and irresistible!

Shivers in Three Pines!

She devores all Louise Penny novels? Well, then, she’ll be delighted to take the guided tour, of all the places Inspector Gamache visits regularly, around Three Pines, aka Knowlton, where the author lives. The circuit is designed in different chapters and duration, and includes the famous bistro.

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