Bicycle Circuits for Exploring the Townships

Updated on May 24, 2022

The Eastern-Townships have an abundance of routes to be joyously discovered on a bicycle. This is known to be true because they offer such magnificent landscapes, they introduce you to some very unique regions, they allow you to meet our many local producers…

We’re presenting you these five bicycle circuits for part-time cycling enthusiasts, who, without being true weekend warriors, have pedaled their way through quite a few outings.

©Mathieu Dupuis

Doyenne des vignes

Do you feel like combining a bicycle outing with a gourmet adventure? This 76.5 km will have you experience an incursion into the heart of the wine region in the Townships. On your way, you’ll pass by several vineyards—La Bauge, Vignoble de l’Ardennais, Domaine du Ridge, Val Caudalies, Clos Ste-Croix—as well as the very pretty towns of Frelighsburg and Dunham. By making a small detour, you’ll also have the opportunity to discover the Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise, Québec’s oldest vineyard. A tip: plan on bringing a bag to make some provisions of a couple of good bottles to drink later on!

On your way or nearby: Brasserie Dunham, Épicerie-café Dunham, Café Beat & Betterave, Les Sucreries de l’érable

©Ian Roberge

Circuit du patrimoine

If you enjoy pedalling without making too much of an effort on well-maintained paved roads set in the countryside, while admiring different heritage attractions, you’ll be thrilled with this 42 km circuit. The Walbridge 12-sided barn in the hamlet of Mystic, Cornell Mill and Hodge’s General Store in Standbrige East, the very small Guthrie covered bridge … all attractions you’ll be able to visit on your way. And then, there are all the lovely landscapes you’ll discover as you pass by farmlands, ancestral homes and forestlands! This circuit’s charm is never-ending!

On your way or nearby: The Missiska cheese factory, the Café Rouge, the Missisquoi Museum, the Domaine du Ridge, the Vignoble de l’Ardennais, the restaurant and chocolate factory L’Œuf

©François Poirier


This route is designed as a 33 km loop demanding enough to spice up this circuit just a little bit! From Pointe Merry by Lake Memphremagog, you cycle on a bike path, which starts out on a paved surface, but then switches to rock dust before heading out on asphalt roadways. The route will take you to the Mount Orford ski resort (careful, it’s uphill most of the way!) to then head back down to the town of Orford. On the return route, you’ll enjoy a lovely view of Mount Orford.

On your way or nearby: The Parc national du Mont-Orford, Ducs de Montrichard, the Vignoble d’Orford, the microbrewery La Memphré

©Ian Roberge

Entre-deux Rives

By starting out in North Hatley, you’ll first ride on the bikepath for 7 km. Then, when you arrive on the site of the Capelton Mine, you’ll follow a few number roadways that will have you discover Waterville, Compton, Hatley and Ayer’s Cliff. There, you might feel like making a gourmet stop at Café Folies or at the Auberge Ayer’s Cliff. On your way back, we suggest you get on Le Wippi shuttle which links North Hatley and Ayer’s Cliff by way of the Lake Massawippi. A lake ferry ride lasting about an hour, but that will allow you to admire the landscape and to return to your starting point without any extra effort!

On your way or nearby: Domaine de Courval and La Station cheese factory

©Daphné Caron

Grand tour du lac Mégantic

As the name indicates, this circuit will have you pedal 56 km all around Lake Megantic, sometimes close to the shore, other times in the middle of the woods further away from the lake. Wherever you find yourself, you’ll enjoy many beautiful points of view. Well-designed and safe, this circuit is quite popular with cyclists. And, although there are a few steeper climbs, you don’t need to be a pro to challenge yourself here!

On your way or nearby: the microbrewery La Gare’nison, Camping Aventure Mégantic, Station touristique Baie-des-Sables

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