Published on Jul 26, 2021

UBU Design: Creations with a Zen Spirit and Warm Materials

Granby designer Ivan Brousseau, the man behind UBU Design, conceives accessories for the home and kitchen, furniture and paintings. Sublimated with noble materials and a refined design, his creations bring all the warmth and comfort we so greatly need in our homes!

By Natalie Sicard

This industrial designer has worked for major design companies before launching his own brand in 2016, UBU Design. The name is inspired in part by the first chair he designed, in the shape of a U, and BU which is actually the name he gave to his coffee cups. Indeed, this versatile artist has as much fun with finding names for his creations, which are two or three letters long and which sound like onomatopoeia, as he does designing them. His furniture, coffee cups, chopping boards and serving boards, bottle openers and bookmarks feature elegant lines and organic materials in settings that highlight the quality of his favourite wood, walnut. The result are these handcrafted, high-end pieces with a style inspired by the Scandinavian spirit.

His espresso cups, with an interior set with glazed ceramic in a walnut wood casing, won him an award at the 12th edition of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN in 2019. The jury was charmed by the judicious mix of materials, “the refined and contemporary design, playful and accessible” and the valorization of this prized wood. The eco-responsible manufacturing process is also noteworthy, as they are made from high-quality, unused walnut shavings.

A Smart Design for Very Inviting Furniture

If Ivan Brousseau is passionate about product design, he feels the same way about furniture and art. The NEX ottoman is as smart in its design as it is cozy with its wool felt covering and walnut surfaces. It can be used as a small stool or footrest, but also as a side table when turned upside down. Compact and light, it’s easy to carry from one room to another, thanks to its handle. And the little added touch that makes you fall in love with it? The very stable seat with rounded corners gently rocking you. Unexpected guests are likely to linger a while longer in this comfortable accent chair!

While he creates his own cups, with the support of a ceramist, and his NEX ottoman, with the help of a seamstress, he also designs prototypes. Two of his chair models are manufactured and sold by the Interversion boutique in Montréal: the JOY and the LEM. The latter, named after the LEM lunar module from the 1960s, has a surprisingly slim design. Unlike traditional armchairs, for which the structure is hidden by foam and fabric, the LEM proudly displays its walnut stature, which gives it a stunning and elegant look.

For this creator, it’s all about lines; on paper for plans, in space for objects and on screen for his superb digital illustrations which are then enlarged on canvas.

For this creator, it’s all about lines; on paper for plans, in space for objects and on screen for his superb digital illustrations which are then enlarged on canvas.

Originally from the Saguenay region, he studied industrial design in Québec City and then lived in Montréal for a few years. It was a job based in Racine, forcing him to commute from Montréal, where he has his ties, that pushed him to settle halfway and become a Granby resident.

To view his creations you can visit his website. His furniture is available at the Interversion boutique in Montréal. His artwork is also available at the NorSud shops in Sherbrooke and Victoriaville.

His Address Book

  • La boulangerie artisanale Pain-Pain, à Granby : « To enjoy a cup of coffee and an exquisite chocolatine. »

  • For nature walks in Granby: the Centre d’interprétation de la nature du lac Boivin offers 4 hiking trails covering a distance of 10 km. You can observe several species of birds that live on the shores of the marshes here.

  • To take a walk starting from the downtown area, you’ll enjoy the 3.5 km of trails of Les Boisés-Miner, a natural woodland that is still a well-kept secret!

  • Vivre ici décor in Knowlton : Interior designer Sonia Daigle’s decoration boutique offers furniture, decorative objects, tapestries, paintings, including creations by UBU Design. “We take advantage of our visit to eat a lobster roll at the Knowlton Marina where we feel as if we were in Old Orchard. ”

  • Mysterio in Bromont: “A lovely boutique for discovering beautiful clothes made by local designers. A few decorating pieces as well.”

  • Atelier Bouffe, in Sutton: A very beautiful boutique with exclusive culinary products.

  • LAO Cabines: “Small nature cabins located in Racine near Valcourt. Truly a beautiful spot!” and UBU Design created the design!

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