Published on Aug 19, 2022

Atelier Bosc: Furniture and Toys, 100% Eco-friendly, Smart and Fun

Durable, functional and eco-friendly are the three main qualities you’ll discover in the furniture and objects created by Atelier Bosc, in North Hatley. And most of their production is intended for the little ones, with toys stimulating the imagination. An address that will delight many families!

By Natalie Sicard

The company’s flagship “Petit Bosc” collection for children includes small benches, a bookcase, wood blocks, doll cradles, swings and celebration rings. Their most popular items include swings with a disc or rectangular seat, as well as baby swings, made from hardwood and finished with hemp oil and beeswax. Among their first creations, the block sets (12) made out of cherry wood are perfect for little hands that enjoy building—or destroying—and can be transformed into towers, castles, roads, fences, farms and houses. They’re finished with a nontoxic blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and food grade mineral oil, and are a little larger to make them easier to handle. They belong to the company’s minimalist games collection, which also sells the famous and successful celebration rings.

Celebration Rings

The concept originated in Germany, more specifically it stems from the Waldorf philosophy, and celebrates the first twelve years of a child’s life. Generally made out of wood, each ring is divided in 4 sections (4 seasons) with 12 holes, where we can insert small painted wood ornaments, candles, beeswax or felt figurines, nature elements, flower, etc. There’s ample choice and plenty of room for creativity. This tradition pays tribute to the seasons and the different holidays associated with them, as well as celebrating the child’s own birthdays. On this special day, the ring is decorated with age-appropriate ornaments and candles. It’s also traditional for the parent to share an event, or an anecdote about the child from the past year before lighting the candles. In addition to being a fun and meaningful ritual, the ring makes a lovely centrepiece.

Atelier Bosc’s rings are made out of cherry wood. The workshop, via their online boutique, also offers all the decorative elements that will enhance it, such as the pretty painted wooden figurines (butterflies, flowers, bees) made in the workshop. Other proposed ornaments come from all over the world like the cute felt fairy figurines from Romania. As much as possible—this is their long-term goal—they hope to source from local businesses like the mini ceramic flower vases made by Art&Manufacture, in Sherbrooke, and their beeswax candles from Chand’Miel, in Tingwick.

Xavier Déry, the carpenter behind these creations, inherited his love of wood from his father and his grandfather (named Bosc, the origin of the company’s name) who, at one time built his own sailboat by himself. Following his studies in anthropology, he quickly realized that his passion for woodworking prevailed over his other interests. He founded the workshop in 2018 and is now assisted by his brother Julien and his partner in life Isabelle Lebire, who handles the marketing aspect, social media and the different steps to market their products. The two form a duo surrounded by their three children who inspire them to create healthy and eco-friendly products.

It’s primarily for them that Atelier Bosc, established in North Hatley for eight years now, strives to be an eco-responsible company, using local materials and environmentally friendly products and processes as much as possible. These are the values they wish to pass on to future generations.

To learn more:

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