An Innovative, Caring and Conservation-Friendly Territory

The Mégantic Region

Published on Sept 6, 2023

Here, in the Mégantic region, you’ll feel like you can breathe a little easier, enjoy the freedom of wide-open spaces and imagine you can touch the stars, especially if you go to the Mount Mégantic Observatory! With its grandiose scenery, amazing biodiversity and friendly locals, the Mégantic region will always make you feel you’re in the right place at the right time!

Lac-Mégantic, A Cittaslow

In 2017, the town of Lac-Mégantic was certified Cittaslow or feel good town, becoming the first and only Cittaslow town in Québec within a network of 236 towns and cities worldwide. What does this mean in concrete terms? It means that here, we acknowledge the benefits of taking our time, preserving our quality of life by strengthening social ties and links with nature, and focusing our projects in a spirit of sustainability. This certification highlights the importance of living well and the sustainable development of the town, with the aim of offering a memorable tourist experience under the banner of hospitality.

Under the Stars

The town of Lac-Mégantic is not the only place in the region where conservation efforts have been put forward ... this is also the case for the area surrounding Mont Mégantic and the national park of the same name. In 2007, to counter light pollution, this area became the very first International Dark Sky Reserve, certified by DarkSky International. You’re sure to appreciate this reserve when you take part in a highly informative evening of astronomy at the ASTROLab in Parc national du Mont-Mégantic! Here you can acquire a wealth of information about the stars and observe the night sky in the company of expert guides.

Your Head High Up in the Mountains

From one breathtaking panorama to the next, La Route des Sommets will take you to 17 summits and countless scenic stops along the way. In a bid to link the Mégantic mountains together, this tourist route will take you on a trek through great natural landscapes that will give you a feeling of profound serenity. You can satisfy your need for nature and adventure by exploring the hiking trails that weave their way across these mountains.

From the earth to the stars, the beautiful Mégantic region offers captivating, environmentally friendly experiences in keeping with the values of the community that inhabits it. So, will you be stopping by soon?



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