Learning to Savour the Moment

Granby and the surrounding region

Published on Sept 6, 2023

Just one hour from Montréal, Granby and its surrounding region are waiting to welcome you for an off-the-beaten-track getaway. Without hurrying, take your time as you enjoy new experiences and appreciate each moment. Stroll through the welcoming heart of the city and sample its culinary and cultural delights. You’ll see that this delicious mix extends beyond Granby’s geographical limits to the surrounding region. Between the art of living and the practice of farming, be sure to make a stop or two at some of the local producers... They have so much to share with you!

Cultural and Heritage Routes

Learning more about the history of the places you visit is often worthwhile! Every building, even the most seemingly insignificant one, takes on a whole new life thanks to its past.

Use your mobile phone to follow Granby’s heritage trail at your own pace. You can either take on the role of a worker employed by the Imperial Tobacco Company, one of Granby’s largest factories at the time, or go back to the origins of the town in 1831. It’s an interesting way to find out how this industrial town managed to hold its own in with such cities as Montréal. While you continue your way along the streets, you’ll gain a new perspective of your surroundings.

Discover New Places and Culinary Destinations

To fully digest everything you’ve just learned about Granby, continue your itinerary in the city’s downtown restaurants. From the tables of Bistro Kapzak, Maison Boire and La Table à Mo, the adventure never ends!

In the first, you’ll be introduced to the skillful blend of Québec and Polish cuisine; a marriage of culture and taste sure to delight your taste buds.

In the second, you’ll learn that it’s perfectly possible to combine ecology and sustainability with impeccable, delicious restaurant service.

Finally, in the third, the menu is constantly evolving to showcase seasonal market ingredients.

These three well-known addresses are perfect for awakening your senses. The appearance, taste, texture ... on your plate, nothing is ever left to chance!

Gastronomic Landscapes and Agritourism

Complete your itinerary in Granby’s peaceful countryside. Have you ever thought of visiting the Haute-Yamaska region through the prism of its producers? With almost 50 gastronomic stops, the Granby region has a lot to offer when it comes to agritourism experiences.

Explore vineyards and orchards, distilleries and specialty shops, of course, without forgetting to visit Granby’s covered market.

Surrounded by bucolic landscapes, take the time to meet these passionate people with their remarkable skills. When you see the fruits of their labour, you’ll soon understand where the sweet and savoury lifestyle that characterizes the region comes from!



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