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There’s a lot brewing in the Eastern Townships… You’ll find everything from traditional to craft beers, including the finest blondes, browns, and reds. A tour is the best way to discover all of our microbreweries, each with its own unique character, boldness, and personality. In a way, they’re just like beer itself!


Have a pint, a drink, or a beer, call it what you want; what matters is that you clink glasses and mingle with interesting people in a great setting! Most microbreweries serve pub- or bistro-style meals. Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience!



The microbrasserie Farnham Ale & Lager brews four kinds of beer: white German, blonde lager, English bitter (amber-red) and an American India Pale Ale (IPA). Its products are identified in relation to their bitterness index (12, 27, 35 or 64 IBU).



One of microbrewery Le Grimoire’s specialties is Désérable, a beer brewed with maple syrup. Beer lovers can also head to the tasting room or the pub to try the Vie de château, a rum-flavoured beer.



Brasserie Dunham offers a selection of beers brewed according to European brewing traditions: some have strong fruity notes, while others have a hint of wild flavour. Take the time to try them!



The microbrewery À l’Abordage brews beers inspired by British and American beers. Try them in one of the village’s oldest buildings in a pub-style setting.


Auberge Sutton Brouërie features twenty or so different beers from across Quebec. Try them onsite, or buy some for later.



Microbrewery La Memphré serves 15 different beers, including 7 craft beers. This English-style pub and restaurant has a splendid view of the lake and surrounding mountains.



Siboire, two microbreweries. Siboire Dépôt, located downtown in the former train station, and Siboire Jacques-Cartier, near Lac-des-Nations. A world of flavours to discover brewing at its best.


Boquébière, located in the heart of Sherbrooke’s downtown core, has its own brewery onsite, in addition to serving a range of Quebec draft beers and private imports.


Some of La Mare au diable’s specialties include La Duc, an extra-strong Belgian beer, as well as La téméraire and the Double IPA. This microbrewery has plenty of character and is located near the downtown core.


The Golden Lion Pub and Brewery, the oldest microbrewery in the Eastern Townships and second oldest in Quebec, is located in a beautiful old home. It has received many awards and brings honour to the hops tradition.



At Microbrasserie Coaticook, all regular and seasonal beers are brewed onsite and their influence on the establishment’s bistro-style cooking is evident.



In addition to its range of great beers, microbrewery Moulin 7 features décor and furnishings reminiscent of Jeffrey Mine’s mills and offices.


The microbreweries raise a toast to your stay in the Eastern Townships!



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