Ayer's Cliff

Cohabiting in harmony with the surrounding nature, whose magnificent Lake Massawippi - which means large deep lake in Abenaki - Ayer's Cliff takes its name from Mr. Thomas Ayer, the instigator of the railway in 1799. In fact, from the end of the 18th century, a small stagecoach hotel welcomed travelers from the United States.

This tradition of hospitality continues today thanks to the tourist accommodation places around the lake. Stage of the Chemin des Cantons, Ayer's Cliff has retained its Anglo-Saxon luster thanks to its residences of yesteryear, its charming bandstand and the site of the exhibition where a public market is held every Saturday in summer.

Take a break in the center of the village, at the crossroads. Between land and water, take the time to listen to the wind singing in the chimes...

Village Tour

Start your tour by stopping at the Tourist Information Office, located on Tyler Street, in the heart of the village. Here you will find everything you need to make the most of your visit.

©Daphné Caron
Parks: in the DNA of Ayer's Cliff

Where you will start your visit is at- the Tourist Information Office – located in the Culture Park. Here you will find the village Library, and also access to the Tomifobia Nature Trail. A 19-kilometer trail for walking, biking or skiing in the winter.

Nearby is the Pioneer Way Garden (Pioneer Park, soon to be Remembrance Park) where you can listen to Mr. Ayer himself tell you about the beginnings of the Municipality.

Also in the heart of the village, known for its water games, play modules and bicycle repair station, Tyler Park is also a must for many visitors.

The Parc du quai is also a place where you will enjoy stopping. The floating docks, the possibility of fishing and the incredible view make it a must-see.

©Daphné Caron
Gourmet stops

The Auberge Le Cliff, the butcher shop Face de boeuf or the dairy La Pinte are all very inviting gourmet stops where you can satisfy your appetite!

A historical and gastronomic landmark

The Ripplecove Hotel & Spa is definitely a part of Ayer's Cliff and its timeless charm is felt throughout the village. Founded in 1945, the Ripplecove was once a popular resort for high society, and although it is now more accessible, its five-star rating still reflects the exceptional quality of its restaurant, Le Riverain.

A unifying event

The Ayer's Cliff Agricultural Exhibition is one of the oldest in Canada, having been held for over 175 years. This annual event attracts more than 25,000 visitors each year. Not to be missed.

Village Tour

Nicely illustrated, here are the main stops to make in this Coeur villageois. You will find the addresses and other useful information that will allow you to make the most of your visit!
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Ayer's Cliff



Ayer's Cliff

La Pinte

Ayer's Cliff

Le Riverain, restaurant at the Ripplecove

Ayer's Cliff

Auberge Ayer's Cliff

Ayer's Cliff

Marché fermier d’Ayer’s Cliff

Ayer's Cliff

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