A Nature Getaway: Explore the Parks of the Haut-Saint-François

6 stops

2 days


If you’re the type who enjoys quiet and authentic places, long walks inside forests and great tasting beers, your ideal outing is right here!

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Discover the Johnville Bog & Forest Park

Thanks to its marsh, this Cookshire-Eatonpark is host to an exclusive biodiversity. The trails cover almost 6 km and will guide you across this unique flora and fauna, set inside a total Zen decor!

Offer Yourself a Pause at the 11 Comtés Brewery

Country red, honey, wheat, IPA, white, sour … the 11 Comté brewery beer selection is as varied as it is inspiring! They all have one common ingredient: A passion for hop! The terrace will offer you some amazing and delicious moments.

Listen to the Whispered Stories of Les Murmures du Canton

At sunset, in Cookshire-Eaton’s Parc des Braves, attend the multimedia projection Les Murmures du Canton, highlighting the region’s history, projected on three walls of historic buildings surrounding the park. Animated images of the Abenaki First Nation, the American and British colonization periods, as well as scenes paying tribute to the region’s flora and fauna will unfold before your eyes, Thursdays to Saturdays, starting July 15.

Take a Walk Across the Parc des Deux Rivières

Stroll along the 6 km of trails, you’ll find at the confluence of the Saint-François and Eaton rivers as you appreciate the setting offering you, among others, a Norway spruce plantation as well as one of the sheds of the Circuit des Sheds Panoramiques. Good to know, most of the trails welcome cyclists.

Go Pick a Bouquet at Ferme Floral Libella

Create your own bouquet when you go to this Bury farm and pick your flowers yourself. You can also opt for their already cut flowers or a carefully assembled arrangement. Linger awhile longer by bringing a picnic you can enjoy on this most colourful and fragrant site!

Walk or Ride through the Parc Régional du Marécage-des-Scots

This multifunctional forest trail covers a little more than 16 km. By going some 4 km further, you’ll access the Franceville sector of the Parc National du Mont-Mégantic. On your bicycle or on foot, this park will offer you plenty of pure fresh air! As a bonus: a river, a brook and a marsh with a fascinating ecosystem.

Explore the Gold Mine Interpretation Centre Trail

The Gold Mine Trail follows Mining Creek and continues for 3.5 km to a site where the remnants of the former mine operators who worked here until 1960 are still visible. You will even find a small suspension bridge that takes you to the old mine shaft.

Taste the Cuisine of Les Mal-Aimés Restaurant

Les Mal-Aimés, a new project resulting from the meeting of chef and market gardener Yannick Côté (Cuisinier Déchaîné) and chef Daniel Charbonneau (L’Empreinte—cuisine soignée), will be launched this summer, offering a rural gourmet restaurant from farm to chic. The dishes will feature locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as the finest local products, all prepared on a wood fire.

Your Accommodation Options

Spend the Night at Étang Boisvert

The B & B offers you four lovely, newly renovated rooms with a lot of natural light! Only 10 minutes from the Johnville Bog & Forest Park and the 11 Comtés brewery, you’ll be very warmly welcomed here.

Spend the Night at Square Victoria

Near East Angus, you’ll find this completely self-contained maison hotelière (a hotel house, where you’ll feel at home!) has eight new, modern, very pretty, and extremely comfortable rooms! A home base you must keep in mind for your Haut-Saint-François getaway.


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