Spa & relaxation

Escape to the shores of Lake Massawippi

42 km

7 stops

2 days

Have time stand still for just a little while by visiting Ayer’s Cliff, a magnificent Eastern Townships community. On the calendar: Spa, relaxation, gourmet food and, most importantly, time for yourself.

Calling all food lovers!
"T" marks the spots where you'll find some of the most delicious local flavours.

Discover one of the delicious local “Cafés de village”

Saveurs et gourmandises

Located on the shores of Lake Massawippi, this charming café invites you to come and relax while you try their sweet treats. Saveurs & Gourmandises is a delightful café du Village and as such it offers you a healthy restaurant cuisine highlighting local products.

Relax in an Enchanting Environment

Arboressence Spa

Also found on the shores of Lake Massawippi in Ayer’s Cliff the Ripplecove hotel’s spa, Arboressence, is the perfect relaxation destination to take advantage of a great variety of treatments. Body wraps, facials, massage therapy, hot tubs. . . Everything you need to feel rejuvenated before returning to your everyday routine.

Discover the Delicious Cuisine of Le Riverain Restaurant

Le Riverain

The prestigious restaurant of the Ripplecove Hotel, Le Riverain, offers you an ever-changing terroir cuisine within a breathtaking setting. Along with its elegant ambiance and its fine service, this restaurant brings together local flavours and unique wines for an exceptional culinary experience.

Spend the night on a peninsula

The Ripplecove

There is so much to be said about the Ripplecove. With its exceptional peninsula location, on Lake Massawippi, its varied amenities and its intimate character, this hotel on the lake charms tourists and locals alike! Take advantage of your night at the Ripplecove to spend a wonderful moment surrounded by nature.
Calling all food lovers!
"T" marks the spots where you'll find some of the most delicious local flavours.

A Crêpe Bretonne Under the Sun

Café Folies

New in Ayer’s Cliff, the Café Folies will delight you with its installations, including a small boutique, artisan crafts, a terrace and a relaxation area. In addition to their delicious coffee, the two owners’ specialty is without a doubt, their original flavoured crêpes bretonnes.

Visit La Pinte

La Pinte

La Pinte is 100% Canadian milk, three passionate farmers, reusable bottles with an elegant design, organic products and finally, La Pinte is a series of charming establishments that await your visit! While you benefit from the quiet surroundings you’ll find on the site, you can learn more about milk transformation and try their different products!

Explore the Sentier Nature Tomifobia

Sentier Nature Tomifobia, Nature Trail

Discover untouched spaces and the unique landscapes of the Eastern Townships by following the trail of Le Sentier Nature Tomifobia. Whether on foot or by bike, you can travel along this 19-kilometre trail all the way to Bebee, a Standstead village located near the American border.

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Calling all food lovers!
"T" marks the spots where you'll find some of the most delicious local flavours.
Getaway for two

Ayer's Cliff

To escape the routine, treat yourself to a night away of luxury and pure relaxation with a loved one.
1 Night | Starting at $327CAD
Per pers., double occ. / Taxes not included, Gratuities not included

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