48 h among friends

88 km

8 stops

2 days

  • Day 1
  • Day 2

Fill Up with Great Tasting Beers

Your first stop must be at the 11 Comtés brewery in Cookshire-Eaton, where you’ll find several delicious beers brewed with different local ingredients; Offered in their boutique: Hiver des corneilles, Réserve des étoiles, Pays de collines and Lune des récoltes, just to name some of the brilliant concoctions you’ll discover.

Fill Your Baskets With Delicatessen Meats

Then, head to Scotstown, where you’ll find a family run business, established in the region for almost a hundred years. The Charcuterie Scotstown, a proud member of Créateurs de saveurs Cantons-de-l’Est, produces savoury artisanal meat cuts with refined flavours by using only local products. Here also, the terroir is a source of inspiration since many sausages have been named in honour of the surrounding nature, such as the Victoria and Franceville, two summits found in the Mount Megantic massif. Sausages, terrines, pancetta, different hams and rillettes are also to be added to your basket.

Visit the Parc National du Mont-Mégantic

The Parc National du Mont-Mégantic is purely amazing in winter with its snow-covered summits, giving us a most amazing perspective. To truly take advantage of your stay, before your visit, you’ll have reserved one of the rustic camps, able to lodge up to four adults, in the Observatory sector. Snowshoe adepts greatly benefit from their 30-km trail network (rentals available), and those who are more of a contemplative nature can observe the rich fauna and bird species that we usually find only in more northern regions.

Observe the Stars

Every Saturday night from February 9 to March 30, the ASTROlab offers you astronomy evening events which will surely satisfy your scientific curiosity. You’ll begin your outing with the viewing of the beautiful films Rythmes cosmiques and Mouvements célestes and after, you’ll be able to observe the stars with your naked eyes or by looking through powerful outdoor telescopes. If it’s a cloudy night, you won’t be at a loss! Activities will go on indoors with a presentation of the latest news concerning our star systems and hopefully receive some answers to your questions about the universe, thanks to an interesting guided group discussion.

Try Something Different

You’ve often thought about how much fun it would be to go on a dog sled outing, but never dared to actually try it? Well, now’s the time to go for it, your friends in tow! Just head out to nearby Val-Racine and visit Mohigan Aventures where they offer an exciting 10 km forest excursion by the foot of Mount Megantic. The guides will transmit to you all their passion, and you’ll experience a unique moment with these dogs that will pull you through some amazing landscapes.

Refuel Your Body in a Pub

Relatively nearby, you’ll discover one of the most picturesque villages of Quebec: Piopolis. By the shores of Lake Megantic, the magnificent Auberge Au Soleil inn, with its yellow, all wood siding, will be waiting for you and your friends with a comforting, no-fuss meal. If you arrive before noon, on Sundays you’ll savour their hearty brunch. After, plenty of epicurean options are also offered: mussels, shrimp, fish, burgers, salads, pasta dishes and delicious pizza are on the menu.

Hike Up a Mountain

Piopolis, aside from being a charming village, offers a network of four hiking trails that will take you through several habitats. We suggest you take the one you’ll find a little outside the town, on route 263 between Piopolis and Woburn. It leads to the top of Mount Scotch Cap, at an altitude of 560 metres and which owes its name to its shape, resembling a Scottish cap. Many information panels will guide you through your hike. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you’ll discover two splendid points of view: The first, overlooking the south side and presenting the Appalachian border mountain range and the White mountains; The second, overlooking the Megantic, Des Araignées and Des Joncs Lakes.

Visit One of Ali Baba’s Caves

Before returning to the comfort of your homes, it would only be right to bring back an authentic keepsake by visiting L’Est’Passe-Temps (419 Main St., Piopolis). There you’ll find a thrift shop with airs of a true Ali Baba treasure cave. You’ll be sure to find an original gift in the trove of gems hidden here. You could also leave with an exquisite edible gift since the shop also sells many excellent terroir products. That’s it, we’ve now come full circle!

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