48 hours to fully enjoy autumn colors in the Townships

69 km

9 stops

2 days

Our region abounds with environments highlighting autumn’s flamboyant colours. Here’s our suggestion for a fine two-day getaway to take full advantage of this period.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2

First: You’ll need to head out to Mount Owl’s Head.

With the perspective Owl’s Head offers for admiring Lake Memphremagog and all the surrounding mountains, it’s the perfect place to start your day out right. Here, you’ll discover beautiful hiking trails, a majestic view from the summit; plus, you’ll fill your mind’s eye with all the amazing seasonal colours! And, if you’re not so much the athletic type, you can always reach the top of the mountain by taking the chairlift.

Next: Time to offer yourself a lunch break in Mansonville.

Head towards the town of Mansonville, where your taste buds will guide you directly to Euro-Delli. In this small grocery store, which also acts as a mini-restaurant, you’ll discover authentic Polish flavours. You must absolutely try their famous smoked-meat sandwich, seasoned and smoked right here! And, if the weather allows, you can enjoy your meal on their terrace!

Stop by the Round Barn

The newly refurbished, Mansonville Round Barn is a not-to-be-missed architectural jewel, part of our region’s heritage. The building shelters an exhibit revealing Potton Township’s rich history. This specific area attracted many of our country’s wealthiest families, as well as Americans who ventured here from the United States to settle. Truly, a must!

Enjoy a Kayak Outing

Time to head out towards Sutton. The landscapes you’ll discover throughout the 20 to 30-minute drive (by taking route 243) are simply sublime! Stop at Canoe & Co. The quiet Missisquoi River and the beauty of the surrounding nature will totally charm you as you experience some delightful moments here. On the menu: an exploration of this meandering river over a distance of 12 km or 15 km, between Mansonville and Glen Sutton. Psst! There’s also a shuttle service available!

Time for a Delicious Supper in a Microbrewery

When you arrive in the heart of Sutton, you’ll find the Brouërie microbrewery, and its second-floor inn. Here, you’ll enjoy their delicious beverages and have a great meal (you must try their divine pakoras!) Plus, all the rooms were designed on two floors, each with their own private bathroom and very comfortable beds. An espresso coffee machine, teapot, refrigerator, television, telephone, alarm clock, hair dryer and wireless internet are all provided as well!

Head towards THE place in town for enjoying a regal breakfast

An overnight stay at the Brouërie’s inn includes a 15% discount you can use at the popular Cafetier, a certified Café de village. The lively, friendly ambiance, the local chatter all around, the delicate aromas of the coffee, roasted right here… You’ll enjoy all this with a choice of delicious breakfasts, made with regional products.

Go Stretch Your Legs

A trail that links the heart of the town to the Sutton's Parc d'environnement naturel. A 5 km for everyone bordered by the famous "marmite aux sorcières", natural pools in wich it's good to put a toe when it's hot outside! Fall coming the colored nature that surrounds the place are definitly worth the walk.

Concoct a Delicious Picnic Basket

We can never say it enough: La Rumeur affamée is a true institution here. An all-in-one grocery store, cheese shop and bakery, this shop offers only the best delectable delights! Prepared dishes, charcuteries, fine cheeses, sweets, great beverages … a bit of everything for a decadent picnic!

Take Full Advantage of Autumn’s Bursting Colours

Now that you’ve filled your picnic basket to the rim, you can drive out to Mount Sutton, which hosts a friendly fall festival five weekends during the season. Both fresh air outdoor sports enthusiasts, as well as those who simply love contemplating magnificent landscapes, will be totally delighted. An amazing afternoon awaits!

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