6 Stops Tea Enthusiasts Will Enjoy Making in the Townships

April 2020. Note that those enterprises can't welcome you actually but you can place your order online or by calling them.



The founder (the boutique opened in 2011) and co-owner, Anne Ricard, is a certified tea sommelier and has therefore all the knowledge needed to suggest personalized blends and perfect pairings with different dishes. Here again, the wide selection of teas is very impressive. The lavender Earl Grey is especially tempting!

373, King E., Sherbrooke

©Nao Thés

Nao Teas

Organic, fine quality teas, it’s as simple as that! Their carefully selected teas from India, China, Japan are the result of well thought out and sometimes surprising blends, such as this chocolate and coconut scented black tea. Mmm!

360, Cowie, Granby

© Mathieu Dupuis

Le comptoir du marchand de thé

A charming tea house in a just as charming village. The perfect place to drop in, gab with a friend, relax. An excellent place for stocking up on quality teas. The selection is truly impressive, but the owner will be able to help you and answer your questions if you don’t know what to choose!

4, rue du Dépôt, Sutton

©Les Zerbes Folles

Les Zerbes Folles

This small business promises us nothing less than some unique and audacious recipes! More than a hundred products are offered here, including herbal infusions and hot chocolate beverages. To promote a good night’s sleep or digestion, to ward off the blues or to crank up the immune system, every tea has its own purpose! Please note: Les Zerbes folles products are also offered at the La Mara inn, in Ham Sud.

261 Alexandre St., Sherbrooke

©Les Nations du thé

Les Nations du thé

Open since 2013, this small Sherbrooke boutique offers more than 200 different organic, fair trade teas and herbal infusions. White black, green, oolong teas … here you’ll find everything to stock up for quite a while to come.

538, King E., Sherbrooke

©Tourisme Bromont


This lovely boutique, in Bromont, has a very fine selection of spices, herbal infusions and teas. You can look up words like stress, sleep, digestion, energy on the Internet … and their suggestions will appear according to your selections.

689, Shefford St., Bromont

The English Tea Route

The Eastern Townships region can offer such a fine tea route which will take you to four heritage sites — The Colby-Curtis Museum, the Musée Beaulne, the Scott Tea Room and the Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre—where it’s possible to enjoy a true English tea-time experience. An original outing to place on your calendar!

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