6 Townships Roasters to Know

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

The subtleties found in coffee can be explained by different factors. For example, where the beans come from, the altitude where coffee trees are planted, the temperature used in the roasting process, the roasting time… A tip: Take a moment to discover our local coffee merchants and talk with them. They might give you some of their personal secrets!

Café Hubert Saint-Jean

This roaster first opened its doors in 1923, and is the oldest one in the region! New owners have taken over since 2018 and have invested $300,000 in the enterprise. The roaster now roasts about 60,000 pounds of coffee per year. The team goes on site, to Honduras in this case, and makes sure, among other things, that growers are paid fairly.

A Must : The 1923 blend (smooth).

Outlets :

  • 455, King West, in Sherbrooke.
  • 4797, Boul. Bourque, in Sherbrooke.
  • 464, Principale West, Magog
  • Also offered online.

Brûlerie Faro

They’ve been in business since 1982 and presently own five shops; three in Sherbrooke, one in Laval and another in Montreal. By the way, the one on Wellington Street is right next door to a small, very friendly, café, where students often gather; it’s always a very welcoming place. From their Columbian, Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Brazilian and Ethiopian importations, FARO elaborates their own specialized coffee blends in three product lines. They are the Classics (from imported coffee beans, washed and sorted), the Responsibles (certified organic or sustainable beans) and the Limited Roasts (complex, exclusive coffee beans, imported from terroir producers). Note: Among other projects, this company has recently developed its own green plan and now offers 100% biodegradable cups. It also plans to reduce its production centre waste by 80%.

A Must : The Hatley (coarse blend).

Outlets :

  • 180 Wellington North, in Sherbrooke.
  • 112 Queen St., in Sherbrooke.
  • 930 Blais St., in Sherbrooke.
  • 2,888 rue du Cosmodôme, in Laval.
  • 510 Bd des Promenades, Suite 130, Saint-Bruno-De-Montarville.
  • 1444 Ste-Catherine St. West, Suite A, in Montreal.
  • Also offered online and in several grocery stores.

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Brûlerie Virgin Hill

This twenty-year-old family business has a well-established reputation. Located in the wonderful municipality of Brome Lake, this roaster makes “gourmet coffee at affordable prices.” The coffee beans, from 18 countries, are carefully selected and the whole production process is just as thorough. You can buy their coffee in different outlets, but visiting the roaster is well worth the hour or two you’ll spend there; Among the activities they offer, you can participate in a workshop, where you’ll learn the art of coffee roasting, plus taste several blends. Note: coffee pods are also available.

A Must : The Gamache Blend (smooth).

Outlets :

  • 770 Lakeside Road. Foster.
  • Also offered online and in several boutiques and grocery stores.

Fitch Bay Café

This new enterprise opened about a year and a half ago, in Fitch Bay; It is now established in the magnificent Cotton Mills building on Main Street, in Magog. This “small” roaster nevertheless produces 7 to 8 tons of coffee annually, and offers between 20 and 25 coffee blends. Imported from different countries—Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, etc. —Fitch Bay Café coffee is always elaborated with great care and is always delicious!

A Must :The Brésil Bourbon blend (medium roast).

Outlets :

  • 270 East Main St. in Magog.
  • 29 J.-A. Bombardier Street in Sherbrooke.
  • Also offered online and in several boutiques and grocery stores.

Le Café de la Brûlerie

The moment we set foot inside the café, along with delightful coffee aromas, it’s the cozy atmosphere we discover here that makes us want to linger awhile. The place is really friendly, the menu as well, and the coffees … at the height of our expectations! Furthermore, you can buy coffee in bulk and choose among the 20 origins and blends offered. Are you a cycling enthusiast? The Café is located just a few steps away from where two important bike paths meet, the Estriade and the Montérégiade.

A Must : The Atomik blend (coarse blend).

Outlet :

  • 4 rue de la Gare, in Granby.
  • Also offered online (Delivery available) and in several boutiques and grocery stores.

©Géogène Micro-Torréfacteur

Géogène Micro-Torréfacteur

Established in Sherbrooke and now also Magog, this micro-roaster favors an ethical and conscientious approach in the production process of its coffees, from the plantation to the cup. A way of proceeding that you can feel even in the tasting of their coffees. About ten mixtures are available.

A Must :Extravaganza blend.

Outlet :

  • Geogene HQ - 538 King East, Sherbrooke
  • Géogène - Coffee to go - 2370 Galt Ouest, Sherbrooke
  • Bernache Café Buvette - 1120 Prospect, Sherbrooke
  • Geogene Magog - 290 Principale West, Magog
  • Géogène - Take-out coffees - (at Canton Brasse) 2267 chemin du Parc, Orford
  • Also offered online and in several boutiques and grocery stores.


Appalaches Torréfacteur

It was in the spring of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, that Chrystine Bourgault and Martin Dostie launched their project to open a coffee roasting shop and a small café in Mansonville. These passionate caffeine enthusiasts offer a dozen different grinds, carefully prepared, and favour local partnerships, notably with the La Pinte dairy in Ayer’s Cliff.

Outlet :

  • 4, rue des Pins, Mansonville
  • Also offered online

Julius Torréfacteur

The founders of Julius travelled back and forth between Québec and San Pablo, Costa Rica to develop their first coffee collection called Alt. 4785. Since then, they’ve continued to search for the best high altitude coffee plantations to bring you specialty coffees with unique aromas. Their complete line now includes more than 25 blends.

Outlet :

  • 80 boul. de Bromont, Bromont (Pittstop Vélo-Café)
  • Also offered online and points of sale. Among these the restaurant L’Archipel in Cowansville, and at La Galette Crêperie Sutton.

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