Your Personal Absolute Musts in the Townships

Val Caudalies

Published on May 13, 2020

Last week we asked you to tell us about your favourite attractions or products in the region, and you seemed to have found it difficult to name just one thing you absolutely adore! Whether you qualified them as gourmet, exhilarating, educational, physical or otherwise, you’re more than 335 responses inspired us to create the following list.

There are so many great attractions and wonderful products right here! The ASTROLab is amazing for star gazing. I love the Savonnerie des Diligences and Oneka for their products for the body. Also, I have a great fondness for Vignoble Val Caudalies. I especially love their dry Vermouth Lab and their Vidal. A true joy for your taste buds! - Catherine O.

I loved the road trip I took to discover the Townships microbreweries. My favourite, Brasserie 11 Comtés, can be found in the town of Cookshire. - Julie H.

Really! It’s difficult to decide on just one! What I love the most? The wine route, spa Eastman, the Savonnerie des Diligences and the bakery Boulangerie Dora in Eastman. - Caroline C.

I love the Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Abbey as much for the cheeses they make here, as for the amazing surrounding landscape. The Sommets des Cantons trails are also among my favourite nearby hiking destinations. - Julie L.

My very bestest: Cheese selections from the Fromagerie La Station … accompanied by a wine from Vignoble l’Orpailleur. Simply wow! - Jacqueline G.

My favourite moments spent in the Townships include going on a Lake Memphremagog cruise, visiting the Zoo de Granby and touring the vineyard at L’Orpailleur - Renée R.

My personal favourites are going to the restaurant Gaïa in Bromont and the lodgings offered by Entre Cîmes et Racines in Eastman. - Chantal R.

I especially adore Bleu Lavande for their excellent products with their delightful scent and all the benefits they procure our body and our soul. - Josée B.

Foresta Lumina, in Coaticook, is one of the most wonderful activities I’ve enjoyed in the region. Truly magnificent! - Elisabeth G.

I love Sherbrooke: Filling my provisions bag at the Marché de la Gare, going for a walk around the Lac des Nations, visiting the city’s museums, enjoying a cup of coffee on the Kappeh terrace, or supper at one of my favourite chefs’ restaurants (Lo Ré, O’Chevreuil, l’Empreinte…), sharing a pint at King Hall with my friends, dropping by Comptoir gourmand du Centro to buy a bag of curry-flavoured cashews… - Marie-Christine P.



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