Safe Cycling Tips

Updated on Apr 24, 2023

To fully enjoy your bike ride, here are some rules and safety tips to respect.

1. Respect the code

For your safety and that of everyone around you, including pedestrians, drivers and fellow cyclists, always follow the rules outlined in the Highway Safety Code.

2. Wear your helmet

Wearing a helmet dramatically reduces the risk of head injuries, including severe cranial trauma, by 63% to 88% for cyclists of all ages. A bike helmet should fit snugly and cover the top of your head: It shouldn't wobble of fall forward or back. When shopping for a helmet, look for certifications like CSA, CPSC, ASTM, EN or SNEL to guarantee that the helmet meets rigorous safety standards.

3. Ride with traffic

Bicycles must ride in the same direction as traffic.

4. No headphones!

Quebec's Highway Safety Code prohibits riding with headphones.

5. Use of electronics is prohibited

...Unless it is safety mounted on your bike and used for hands-free calls or GPS.
...Unless you're stopped on the side of the road.

Fièrement Vélo!

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