What to do this weekend - June 5-7

A summer survey, a new cycling section, waterside camping, local gourmet goodies, four national parks and a drive-in movie theatre – all of those combined form some great suggestions for your go-to guide – What to do this weekend!

Explore our new cycling section

20 bike routes. Meander along them or push yourself to the limit! Suggestions for interesting stopover points. Many kilometres of mountain biking trails….In addition to those, you’ll find routes tested firsthand by our employees, inspiring articles and practical information. We hope you’ll enjoy this new cycling section and that it will encourage you to explore the region even further - on two wheels!

Fancy a bike ride with the family? Here are 8 terrific suggestions.

Take our survey

What’s your wish list for the summer? Your answers will allow us to design inspiring content that will help you plan a holiday season which, while it may not be the same as our past summers, will nonetheless, provide you with loads of fun and enjoyment! As a bonus, survey participants will have the chance to win one of two $125 gift cerficates to spend at one or other of our member partners.

Book a campsite by the water

Is it difficult for you to find a campsite with a body of water close by, so you can take advantage of both? That’s why we’ve done some research to find some great locations where you can book a campsite by the water!

Taste the local produce

Ever noticed the logo « Créateurs de saveurs » and wondered who they are? The « Creators of Flavour » is a certification program for agricultural products that are grown, produced or cooked in the Eastern Townships.

How many enterprises have the Créateurs de saveurs certification? More than 160! They produce fruit, vegetables, wine, beer and meat. The list goes on….

So where can you find their products? Right here! You’ll also learn about the various « buy local » initiatives currently being promoted around our region.

Discover – or perhaps rediscover – our national parks!

We have four of them and they’re great! Each park has a distinctive personality and they all give visitors unique, enjoyable experiences. They’re now open to the public and are just waiting for you to show up! Take a look at what our national parks have to offer!

A drive-in movie theatre – an old made new again experience!

The drive-in movie theatre - Ciné-parc Orford - has been open for barely a week, but already film buffs are turning up in droves! Watching a movie from the safety of your vehicle instead of in a cinema, allows you to conform to social distancing protocols. It’s a form of entertainment that is sure to attract even more movie fans throughout the summer!



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