Hidden Treasures: Adventure Worthy Campsites

Updated on Apr 17, 2024

Do you feel like going on an adventure? To set up camp in places accessible only if you’re willing to put in a little effort? To discover fabulous decors and landscapes? To escape the daily turmoil? We’re sure that the following four destinations will meet all these criteria. Explore, admire, breathe and enjoy!

The Canoe-Camping Sites of the Parc National de Frontenac

Because the campsites on the Baie Sauvage, the Lac des Îles and the Lac à La Barbue of the Parc national de Frontenac are accessible only by kayak or by canoe, it will take a little elbow grease to reach them, but you’re sure to enjoy the peaceful surrounding nature here! To reach one of the seven sites (offering a total of 29 tent sites), the distance you’ll cover with your canoe will vary between 1 km and 8 km. Packages, including boat rentals, are also available. To your paddles, my friends!

Starting May, 31 2024 | Reservations are required | 1 800 665-6527 | To read the account of our Content Manager’s personal experience, it’s right here.

The Top of Mount Sutton

Yes! You can put your tent on top of Mount Sutton! To do this, you’ll have to carry all your equipment uphill for 2 km, since the campsites are only accessible by foot. Spread throughout the summit, starting at the entrance of the ski slopes, all twenty-one campsites offer plenty of intimacy and splendid views overlooking the region.

For those who prefer leaving their tent at home, there are two rustic shelters able to welcome up to six guests each available for rentals.

Starting June, 1 2024 | Reservations required | Online | To read the account of our Content Manager’s personal experience, it’s right here.

The Top of Mount Ham

How about camping at an altitude of 713 m with a 360° panoramic view overlooking the Townships? This is what the Parc régional du Mont-Ham is offering you with its organized summit camping outings, every Saturday of the summer. To reach this rather wide summit, a guide will lead you up the mountain’s short but steep main trail. We promise, it will be well worth the effort.*

And, if you prefer not be part of a group of people you don’t know, you’ll have the summit all to yourselves by organizing your own group of 20 participants.

*Please note that all organized outings are fully booked for summer 2024.

Reservations required | 873-832-3608

Rustic Sites on the Sentiers de l’Estrie

For long-distance hiking enthusiasts, the Mounts Echo and Glen area campsites of the Sentiers de l’Estrie are your ideal choice. Located in the middle of the forest, well sheltered from the wind, the three sites (each with four platforms) offer several itinerary options, depending on the direction and the duration you’ve planned for your excursion. You could, for example, hike up Mount Glen and camp not far from the summit; this would entail already a 10 km ramble, one way alone. For a shorter excursion, you might want to opt for the Étang du Castor, accessible by hiking on a 5 km long trail.

Reservations required | By contacting their members’ services at marche@lessentiersdelestrie.qc.ca or by phone: 819 864-6314

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