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Mont SUTTON: Hiking and Camping on the Top of the Mountain

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Published on Sept 12, 2019

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to go camping on the top of Mont Sutton. Once requested, soon answered! Here’s an overview of the hiking-camping experience that even the rain couldn’t ruin!

Spread all along the top entrance to the ski trails, Mont Sutton’s eleven discreet campsites offer splendid views of the region. But, be warned! To reach your site you’ll need to make an effort since they’re only accessible on foot.

Destination: The Top of the Mountain

It’s 12:45 p.m. with my Lover, both carrying well loaded backpacks on our shoulders, start our hike up the mountain. To reach the top, we decided to take the shortest route, which means we’ll be heading up by the ski trails. Note that it’s also possible to lengthen your route by taking the Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton (P.E.N.S.) trails. (There’s an access fee if you opt for this.)

Despite our heavy loads, the ascension went well, and we reached the top quite quickly. It took us an hour to cover the two kilometres that separate the base from the top of the ski hill (from the P5 parking lot).

As we arrive, we stop for a moment to take in the landscape, then, as great conquerors, we set up our reserved campsite. With this done, we begin to explore our surroundings. All the sites are widely spread out, and they each have a picnic table. For those who prefer not to carry their tent up the hill, there are two wood shelters available. Finally, two strategically set areas are designated for communal campfires. The wood, controlled by the site’s caretaker, is offered for free.

A Warm and Dry Evening Despite the Rain

With the downpour starting at about 4:00 p.m., we hurry inside our tent. Luckily, we brought a couple of good books along. The crackling of the rain on our tent creates a delightful musical background. So, being confined inside, we have an early supper as we watch the rain come down on this mountain setting.

We then decide to head to the Alt. 840 m. Chalet, a three-minute walk from our campsite, to spend the rest of the evening. Used by skiers during the winter months, the chalet becomes a shelter for campers during summer weekends.

Once inside we’re welcomed by the site caretaker who’s happy to give us a tour of the chalet installations. Everything is available to us: the toilets, potable water, the indoor fireplace for grilling sausages or marshmallows; also, for a complete supper, the winter commercial kitchen becomes a summer community kitchen, dishware and all. Had we known! We wouldn’t have had supper inside our tent! It’s even possible to buy some snacks, beer and wine. On the second floor, there’s a dorm with bunk beds able to accommodate up to 20 people during summer and autumn.

Inside the chalet, other campers go about their activities. Some are preparing their supper, others are playing cards or talking around the fireplace … all this in stockinged feet! Mind you, it’s strictly forbidden to come inside with muddy boots on!

At about 9:30 p.m., we leave the quiet ambiance of the chalet to head back to our tent. Outside it’s pitch dark. If the sky wasn’t so cloudy, we could have easily observed the stars. It will have to wait until next time, for sure!

Misty Morning in a Mystical Ambiance

The next morning, as we’re getting up, we find ourselves submerged in the mist. The horizon is nothing but a white fog. Happily, the rain subsided during the night and we’re offered a window to pack up our gear. The morning plan is quite simple: head back down the mountain and enjoy the brunch offered at the Café de village Le Cafetier, in Sutton.

The descent starts out calmly. There’s an air of mystery reigning over the mountain. The density of the mist makes us feel as if we’re all alone in the world. Fifty minutes later, we’re back in the parking lot. It’s time to return to civilization and to drive to Le Cafetier where a well-deserved cup of coffee and breakfast await!

Would you Like to Go?

Camping on top of Mont SUTTON is offered until October 14, and you can reserve your campsite online right here. It’s the perfect experience for anyone who would like to try a hiking-camping outing. To be experienced alone, as a couple, with your family, including your children, among friends, or with your faithful canine companion, kept on a leash, of course!

Jessie Jolin

I’m the content coordinator for Eastern Townships Tourism and an avid outdoors and sports enthusiast. Always on the lookout for new places and experiences, along with my Lover, we travel throughout the province and especially in the Eastern Townships, hoping to find the best places for playing outside. Follow me on my outdoor adventures!
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