Indoor Activities for a Fun Time

Updated on Oct 21, 2022

Even if winter is a magnificent season and offers a panoply of outdoor activities, there are times when we prefer to stay warm and enjoy indoor activities with our family. Here are a few outing ideas that will cheer you up on those frigid days.


Two different themes of escape game and plenty of virtual experience scenarios, that’s what you’ll find in this indoor amusement center located in Waterloo. Immersium also offers for renting the Boîte de Tesla, an escape game to realize at home and the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset.

Motion Parc Évolutif

Through the structures of Ninja Warrior, the modular Parkour area, the aerobatic zone with airbag, the little one ninja warrior zone as well as the giant interactive game, children and adults are sure to have fun at the Motion Parc Évolutif located in Granby!

Laser Games Evolution Sherbrooke

Equipped with your protective pad and a 100% laser pistol, challenge the members of your family to a friendly game that will take you across three multi-level labyrinths. Small and tall alike will have fun going after each other as they aim to get the highest score. Dad, mom, little brother, big sister … which family member will be declared the winner?

©Escaparium Sherbrooke

Escaparium Sherbrooke

Escape game amateurs, you’ll choose from seven different themes that offer you a real challenge when you visit one of the two Escaparium Sherbrooke centres. Get your brain going to find clues, to decrypt the codes and succeed in your mission. Will you be able to solve the enigma in time?

©Daphné Caron


Walls for boulder climbing, training games, relaxation spaces, espresso and locally brewed beer bar, a restaurant offering light but comforting meals… Backbone is definitely more than just an interior climbing centre! Plus, it’s accessible to everyone since you don’t need any special training to tackle their climbing walls.

Montagu Pub Ludique

Feel like trying out some new board games? All you need to do is drop by Montagu Pub Ludique. Die, cards, boards, ambience setting, knowledge testing, sleuth investigations, strategic planning, cooperation games… You’ll truly find something for everyone! Good to know, the company also offers Quiz nights when you can measure your knowledge against other players.

©Mont VR

Mont VR

Experience virtual reality through a multitude of scenarios and participate in the action as if you’re really there! Alone or as a team with your family, you’ll truly live an out of this world moment!

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