Published on Feb 8, 2021


Laö Cabines: Comfort in the Middle of Nature!

Aren’t they the cutest, these Laö Cabines tiny chalets? So true! And so very comfortable! For renewing our energy level without having to travel far and to immerse ourselves inside nature for a while, this is definitely the perfect destination. Here’s an overview of what you’ll experience during your stay at Laö Cabines!

To Escape.

First it’s important to mention that the location is simply magnificent. If you can’t take being stuck inside your home anymore—remote work being the rule these days! —you’ll be delighted by the pristine landscapes you’ll discover here. Perched on a cliff or set by the shores of the lake, these cabins, inspired by a Scandinavian-style architecture, are truly an invitation to get away and to relax. With their wide-windowed facades, you’ll really feel you’re part the surrounding nature.

Each tiny chalet comes completely equipped: all the cooking essentials, a superior quality bed and bedding, two fireplaces (one indoors, the other outside), solar energy lighting, an indoor compost toilet, and a nearby sanitary unit. Everything was planned with the most eco-responsible care possible. The owners truly take to heart preserving the environment.

To Have Fun.

After having settled in your lodging (and taken a few pictures to feed your social network!), it’s time to head outside and have some fun! On the Laö Cabines site, you’ll enjoy hiking or snowshoeing as you explore the four kilometres of trails traced in loops (rentals available). You’ll also have access to a linear 3.5 km trail where you’ll discover different points of interest such as cascades and great view.

Feel like rediscovering your inner child? Bring your sleds and crazy carpets (or borrow these for free right here); the site has plenty of small slopes for you to slide down on.

To Explore.

Although the Laö Cabines site is a destination by itself, you can also head out and explore the surrounding area. Skating in the village of Racine, hiking with crampons or snowshoes by going to the Sentiers de l’Estrie’s Brompton zone—the view from atop the Larouche Hill is especially worth the detour and doesn’t require a lot of effort—cross-country skiing on marked trails in the town of Valcourt, you’ll find plenty of activities here!

To Relax.

Once you’ve enjoyed all the winter fun here, you can relax by going to the Zone Ö spa. When you reserve a time slot, you’ll enjoy an exclusive access to this bubbly venue. Then, at the end of the day, you’ll return to your cozy cabin for a well-deserved night’s rest … and begin all over again, the next morning!

So? What are you waiting for to pamper yourself? 😉



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