Maple Flavoured Beers for Sugaring Season!

Published on Mar 1, 2021

Whether you’re a beer amateur or simply curious, here you’ll discover several maple flavoured beers we suggest pairing with your sugar shack meals or to celebrate the arrival of the first spring days.

Déjeuner d’Asmodeus — Canton Brasse

A Pastry Brown Ale infused with our local maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels, coffee from Micro-torréfacteur Géogène in Sherbrooke, and 100% pure cocoa. It also contains lactose to give it more texture. A true delight to pair with a maple-based dessert, dark chocolate or s’mores!

This is a limited-edition brew offered during sugaring season and available only in take-out jugs at the microbrewery.


Désérable – Microbrasserie Le Grimoire

Here’s a maple flavoured red ale with comforting subtle hints of bitterness bringing to mind the delicious taste of maple taffy. Désérable pairs well with pork, chicken, sausage dishes and ... ice cream!

Available at all times at the microbrewery and several points sale such as Métro and IGA grocery stores.

La Cabane – Refuge des Brasseurs

The Refuge des Brasseurs suggest trying La Cabane. This Scotch Ale is made with maple syrup, and letting part of its must caramelize to develop more intense malt flavours and a sweet caramel finish in the mouth. This beer pairs well with their burgers and their German poutine. Not-to-be-missed!

Available for a limited time at the microbrewery.

Maplehurst – Microbrasserie de Coaticook

Maplehurst is a red beer. The added maple syrup reveals itself on the finish in the mouth through its sharp, surprising taste. Follows a true bitterness that balances out the sugary residual, leaving you with a sensation of freshness. This beer pairs well with a sugar shack meal, and especially with pork rinds and baked beans.

Available for a limited time at the microbrewery and at several points of sale.

©Olivier Bourget

Stout Impériale russe à l’érable – Brasserie Dunham

Every year when sugaring season begins, Brasserie Dunham brews its Stout Impériale russe à l’érable, a comforting beer with a delicate maple character and roasted accents. A great drink to end the evening with a chocolate or coffee dessert, tiramisu, for example.

Available at the microbrewery and at several points of sale.

Horizon des événements - Brasserie 11 comtés

The 11 Comté brewery suggests trying their Horizon des événements, a beer that changes with each cuvée. This spring’s version is fermented with grilled maple woodchips, used for the Millebois Ambré, and dark maple syrup. This gives it a dry and rustic finish and a fine acidity, letting its maple quality express itself in all its subtleties. It will pair amazingly well with your sugar shack meal or a dessert made with heavy cream. Available in limited quantities at the microbrewery and at some specialized retailers in the region such as Vent du Nord, in Sherbrooke.

Rousse à l’érable - Micro-Brasserie Le Brouemont

This Bromont microbrewery’s maple flavoured red ale with its amber hue is sweet and offers clear hints of maple. Also on the menu, their Dark Matter, a pastry porter made with maple syrup and offering notes of roasted coconut , vanilla and sea salt.

Available at all times.

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