Maple Flavoured Beers for Sugaring Season!

Updated on Feb 21, 2024

Whether you’re a beer amateur or simply curious, here you’ll discover several maple flavoured beers we suggest pairing with your sugar shack meals or to celebrate the arrival of the first spring days.


Desérables – Microbrasserie Le Grimoire

Here’s a maple flavoured red ale with comforting subtle hints of bitterness bringing to mind the delicious taste of maple taffy. Desérables pairs well with pork, chicken, sausage dishes and ... ice cream!

Available at all times at the microbrewery and several points sale such as Métro and IGA grocery stores.

La Cabane – Refuge des Brasseurs

The Refuge des Brasseurs suggest trying La Cabane. This Scotch Ale is made with maple syrup, and letting part of its must caramelize to develop more intense malt flavours and a sweet caramel finish in the mouth. This beer pairs well with their burgers or their smoked meat, bacon and maple syrup poutine. Not-to-be-missed!

Available at the microbrewery or at several points sale in the Sherbrooke area.

Maplehurst – Microbrasserie de Coaticook

Maplehurst is a red beer. The added maple syrup reveals itself on the finish in the mouth through its sharp, surprising taste. Follows a true bitterness that balances out the sugary residual, leaving you with a sensation of freshness. This beer pairs well with a sugar shack meal, and especially with pork rinds and baked beans.

Available for a limited time at the microbrewery and at several points of sale.

©Olivier Bourget

Stout Impériale russe à l’érable – Brasserie Dunham

Every year when sugaring season begins, Brasserie Dunham brews its Stout Impériale russe à l’érable, a comforting beer with a delicate maple character and roasted accents. A great drink to end the evening with a chocolate or coffee dessert, tiramisu, for example.

Available at the microbrewery and at several points of sale.

Rousse à l’érable - Micro-Brasserie Le Brouemont

This Bromont microbrewery’s maple flavoured red ale with its amber hue is sweet and offers clear hints of maple. Come and enjoy this beer in a warm and relaxed atmosphere!

Available at all times.

Maple Syrup Lager and Evening Stout - La Confrérie Artisan Brasseurs

In addition to using as many local ingredients as possible, this family-owned craft microbrewery will charm you with the tasty freshness of its beers produced in small batches. And to liven up your evenings, the Confrérie Artisan Brasseurs has prepared THE perfect beer: CREMA, a perfect evening stout with coffee and vanilla aromas that was matured in maple syrup bourbon barrels for three months.... Your taste buds will thank you!

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