Updated on Jun 17, 2022

Our cities and towns all have something unique to offer you. Whether it’s a place, a product, a landscape, an attraction or an event, you’ll always have at least five good reasons for visiting them! Here's Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle.

By Carolyne Parent

Good Sainte-Anne it’s such a pleasure to pass through this small town! And this, no matter the time of year, not only on July 26, the day we celebrate the anniversary of the Holy Virgin Mary. Of course, on this particular day the ambiance is quite festive; pilgrims abound here and several activities are organized. The rest of the year people live a quiet life within a countryside environment typical of our Townships.


Go to the Sainte-Anne Church

Whether we’re devout or not, from time to time we all need to find some inner peace and tranquility. It’s exactly what this magnificent house of worship, dating back to the end of the 19th century, freely and intensely offers its visitors!

Learn More About Sea Buckthorn at Jardins Zone Orange

No, we’re not referring to any cones, or alerts, but rather this amazing fruit: the small sea buckthorn! In Northern Europe as well as in Asia, people have enjoyed it in their infusions, jams and even by incorporating them in their pastry recipes. Their popularity comes from their very high vitamin content, but also, they truly brighten up the landscape! Jardins, we can familiarize ourselves with these berries in August when we can go pick them ourselves. The rest of the year we can discover their benefits through all the food products and cosmetics developed with this ingredient; In fact, we can purchase them directly at the Jardins’ boutique (open throughout July and August, and by making a reservation throughout the rest of the year). Oh, as a bonus, we can also enjoy viewing all the farm animals roaming about (chickens, pigs, alpacas, horses)!

Fondle Donkeys at Les Ânes en Culotte Donkey Farm

Don’t you think the name of this breeding farm, donkeys in pants, is really sweet? And the animals are just as sweet! Cécile Lacroze, the owner of this farm, says she literally, “fell head of heels under the charm of these calm and affectionate little creatures.” Visitors follow a path which takes them across grazing lands where different interpretation panels are placed and include games and activities for the children. We can approach the donkeys, we can pet them and feed them with the hay reserved for them. The farm’s main goal is the production of milk for cosmetic purposes—long recognized for its hydrating virtues—. Visitors can purchase derived products by visiting the boutique; they can also enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature on the tables they’ll find here. A great idea for a family outing, from June 25 to September 5. (Closed on Tuesdays)

Visit the Cinézoo

“Cinézoologique” park, what an interesting concept! We learn about the entertaining qualities of different domestic, farm, indigenous and exotic animals! These movie and television stars both from here and abroad, the A-list lions and tigers, these animals obey the instructions given to them by professional trainers who introduce us to them through a guided tour. Reservations are necessary and the paparazzi are always welcome! (Good to know, the Jouvence vacation resort can be found nearby.)

Brien’s Sweet Maple Treats

Starting out with an artisanal production to become one of the most important maple processing plants of the continent, the company’s know-how can’t be denied! And they’re continually innovating. What? Maple jelly made with Aleppo chili peppers? Organic treats? We keep coming back for more! On week days visitors can stop by the factory boutique for making their purchases. On weekends, we can find their products in the village grocery store, Chez Duff. (If you’re already sold on them, you can buy these treats online.)

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