Published on Jun 27, 2022

Jean-Sébastien Béraud—Co-Owner of La Mie Bretonne

Sharing his Passion, one Bread at a Time

When Annie Huard Langlois and Jean-Sébastien Béraud decided to open a bakery, it seemed natural for them to settle in the region. In 2009, after having visited many regions in Québec, hoping to find the perfect place to open their artisanal pastry shop, they finally chose Cowansville and established La Mie Bretonne.

It was also a perfectly natural association between these two life partners: Annie is in charge of the administrative and communications aspects of the business while Jean-Sébastien takes care of everything relating to production. One thing is for sure, without their faithful customers and their team, the bakery wouldn’t have become what it is today.

The Beauty of the Process

Originally from Brittany and having trained in France, when he landed in Québec, Jean-Sébastien reconnected with the nobility of the baking trade. In order to obtain a quality product, he must, of course, work with flour, a live ingredient. In fact, he mustn’t only master all the bread-making techniques, he also has to adapt to this raw material, which can vary from one day to the next.

“What motivates me to persevere is the end product,” says Jean-Sébastien. “To see my production in the hands of the customers, to sense their appreciation and their trust.” He is, indeed, very proud to have built all this from scratch and to have gained a reputation for offering products recognized for their quality. Baguettes and all kinds of breads, brioches, pizzas, without forgetting his delicious Viennese and other pastries he makes right here; and, since 2020, you can buy their Viennese pastries and bake them at home!

The Importance of the Team

The team supporting Jean-Sébastien has a lot to do with the bakery’s success. “Thanks to my team, I can take some time for myself and get more involved with developing our business.” He explains. They’re a tightly knit team, and you can feel it right away when you talk to them. In fact, the boutique’s manager has been working at the bakery since it opened over twelve years ago. In the present context, with such a manpower shortage, Jean-Sébastien recognizes the importance of his team and fully appreciate the fifteen or so bakery employees. Here everyone has their place and benefits from the spirit of cooperation and learning that prevails within the company.

Sharing One’s Passion and Know-How

With the support of his team, Jean-Sébastien can now devote his time to other La Mie Bretonne projects he feels passionate about. Among these, he enjoys sharing his expertise through introductory baking classes. “People learn how to make their own bread at home and understand what works and what doesn’t,” he says. “And there is a great demand for it.” With a few hundred people on their waiting list, the classes quickly fill up! Sharing his knowledge is yet another way for Jean-Sébastien to promote his profession.

Cooperation Among Producers

Besides purchasing his flour locally at the Coop Agrobio in Bromont, La Mie Bretonne supplies about thirty restaurants with their breads. Jean-Sébastien takes great pride in working in such a dynamic and passionate ecosystem. For him, Québec and the Eastern Townships are the perfect place to accomplish himself as a craftsman in the agri-tourism sector.

To discover La Mie Bretonne’s delicious products visit their website or drop by their bakery in Cowansville.

Jean-Sébastien’s Top Gourmet Picks

The restaurant Attelier Archibald, in Granby, for their delicious menu and especially their fried calamari.

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