Getting a taste of the Local Lifestyle

The Sherbrooke Region

Published on Sept 6, 2023

Friendly and welcoming, The Eastern Townships’ key city gets its charm from its amazing heritage, but more importantly through the ambiance visitors find here. If you haven’t been introduced to the city of Sherbrooke yet, we must suggest you discover it by surrounding yourself with all its local wealth. Flowing between the everyday life of its citizens, and its events calendar, the city’s urban heart beats at a steady pace all year long. For your next stay in Sherbrooke, choose to immerse yourself totally inside the local life. And who knows? You might even want to make a habit of coming here!

Taste Tours Taking You From One Restaurant to the Next

A simple tour of Sherbrooke’s downtown area should awaken your curiosity and … your taste buds! Here, we love to eat well, and this is made quite clear just by discovering all the restaurants, breweries and bistros that are constantly opening in the city. From home-style cuisine, and more exotic flavours to the most gourmet dishes, Sherbrooke’s restaurants are indeed varied and offer especially delicious menus. As you stroll along the city streets, an excellent way for you to get to know the city’s residents and experience their way of life is by taking some time to try all the great local tables.

Witness Sherbrooke’s Everyday Lifestyle in a Café

Sitting inside a corner café and ordering a delicious cup of coffee while savouring a delightful treat and simply observing the daily hubbub. What an original and immersive way to plan your vacation or just to enjoy a quiet break.

Sherbrooke is brimming with friendly cafés and charming lunch counters where you can sit back and enjoy the moment. Genuine little neighbourhood theatres, some of these establishments have become local legends.

When you’re in town, don’t miss the Café de village Pierre Jean Jase! Follow its patrons as they come and go. Like an artist in search of inspiration, enjoy guessing what these people’s lives are like. Are they just passing through before work? Are they regulars who ask for the same delicacy day after day? Are they new customers who arrived here by chance? You’ll discover that in Sherbrooke’s downtown cafés, there’s always a good story to tell.

©Daphné Caron

Following the Footsteps of Sherbrooke Residents

To complete your experience of Sherbrooke’s local lifestyle, venture out on the paths that Sherbrooke residents take in their everyday lives. Head out around the Lac des Nations, take a Sunday walk up Mont-Bellevue, enjoy a night out along the illuminated Promenade des Rapides trail, and much more!

The beating heart of the Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke is easy to discover on foot, with its many parks and guided tours. A visit to the local Tourist Information Office will help you decide which walks to take. Enjoy your visit!



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