Amazing Lodgings in the Heart of Our Dark Sky Reserves

Updated on May 13, 2024

Did you know that the Eastern Townships region is home to two Dark Sky Reserves? In fact, both Mount Mégantic and Mount Sutton will have you discover a celestial dome of a rare quality where you can observe the stars and many other astronomical phenomena... among these, the solar eclipse we’ll witness next April 8! Whether you have a passion for studying the sky or you’re just a bit of a dreamer, we’ve collected a list of some of the most beautiful lodgings for stargazing in the Townships.

Bora Boréal

A Lake Mirroring the Stars

By day, Bora Borealis’s floating cabins, on small Batley Lake near the town of Bury, are already amazing treasures on their own! Imagine them after the sun sets, as the sky opens up to offer you an amazing show inside this peaceful environment! Indeed, here you’ll find yourself in the heart of the very first Dark Sky Reserve, established on Mount Mégantic. All over the calm waters of the lake, thousands of bright reflections are watching you. Stretch out on a cozy bed in your MiniBora or Boravilla and contemplate the stars through the skylight windows installed just above. We promise you some truly magical moments!

Cinq Sens Lodgings

Tales of the Night Sky

More than just a lodging offer, Aux Cinq Sens is a complete and immersive experience waiting for you in the heart of our first International Dark Sky Reserve. Located in Piopolis near Mount Mégantic, the Cinq Sens accommodations are established on the Waban-Aki and Huron-Wendat First Nations’ ancestral lands. Once you’ve comfortably settled in your eco-friendly lodging (you can choose a yurt, an off-the-grid tiny house or cottage, or yet again a rustic campsite), head out to explore this 8-hectare site and all its rare natural beauty. Then, during an evening led by your host, learn all about the sky, the science of the cosmos and the lessons taught by the wisdom of the indigenous people. A must-do activity that will change your perceptions about the night sky.

Aux Tipis de la Rivière Sauvage

The Murmuring Stars

Under the starry sky of Mount Mégantic, discover the rustic accommodations of Aux Tipis de la Rivière Sauvage. Nestled in the forest, these wooden teepees constitute a true invitation to reconnect with yourself as you’re immersed inside nature. After the sun has set, equipped with your headlamp and warm clothes, go find a peaceful nook where you can spend the early hours of the night gazing up at the stars. In this silence, interrupted only by the rustling leaves and rippling water, drift off into your dreams for a few more moments... Then, before returning to the comfort of your lodging for a peaceful night’s sleep, stop off at the riverside fire pit.

Au Diable vert

Mysteries Hidden in the Sky

Find shelter in the dark sky reserve of Au Diable Vert’s mountain resort, in Glen Sutton. Choose among the seven different eco-friendly lodging proposals; Among these, you’ll find treehouses, pods, campsites and even mountain suites. Fill your lungs with fresh air as you hike along the site’s 4-season trails surrounded by a mountain landscape. In summer, at nightfall, reserve your seat at the ObservÉtoiles, the first augmented reality open sky planetarium! Lulled by the voice of a talented astronomer, you’ll observe the movements of the star-filled sky and perhaps solve a mystery or two!

Huttopia Sutton

A Spectacular Event Beneath the Stars

Thanks to Huttopia Sutton’s ready-to-camp formula and wood cabins, treat yourself to some time to get back in touch with what is essential by living to the beat of nature. Here, in this wide forest expanse, you’ll be able to simply truly relax. And when evening sets in, settle comfortably on your own private terrace and enjoy the never-ending ballet of constellations unfold before your eyes. Mount Sutton’s starry skies will offer you their most beautiful performance!

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