Bienvenue randonneurs accommodations

Hébergements Bienvenue randonneurs





Accommodations with “Bienvenue randonneurs”(welcome hikers) certification promise services adapted to hiking activities, such as maps, trail information, snacks, and more.





What are “Bienvenue randonneur (welcome hikers)” accommodations?


  • Campgrounds located less than 50 km from a network of hiking trails.


  • Accommodations where there is an onsite restaurant or box lunch service, with specific nutritional requirements taken into account. Generous portions of fruits and vegetables and carbohydrate-rich meals are offered.


  • Accommodations where the campground makes available to its clients a map of each of the hiking networks in its region. The facility should also make available to its clients the data sheets for the various hiking trails in the region.


  • The reception staff at the facility are trained to respond to hikers’ technical questions and to know where to direct clients.


  • The accommodations or campsite lends or rents: water bottles, walking and snowshoeing poles, and crampons, either onsite or through a nearby business.



List of Accommodations with “Bienvenue randonneurs”(welcome hikers)



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