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Well-being, health, rejuvenation, fitness, and beauty are blended with nature in the Eastern Townships. First, you’ll find yourself wrapped in the natural setting. Then you can choose from the spas, health centres, hotels, and inns providing comfort, steam, and fragrances that you’ll find relaxing. A massage at the Bleu Lavande estate, under a tent or a parasol amid the lavender fields, may also do the trick.


Some of our spas and health centres are so well-known that visitors come from far and wide for a tranquil escape. Quebec’s largest spa domain, Balnea Spa, offers the best in thermal experiences, featuring a view of the lake, saunas with panoramic vistas, outdoor whirlpool baths, a beach club, a Moroccan lounge, etc.


Spa Eastman remains the benchmark for spa vacations. The care and treatments it offers go far beyond relaxing the mind and body, and are aimed at enhancing well-being. Go for a one-day getaway or an extended stay in one of the seven lodging pavilions.


Unique in North America, Spa Bolton’s savusauna is a smoke sauna. This traditional sauna functions like a wood-fired sauna, but has no chimney. Inside, birch branches are used for exfoliation. Different from dry saunas, it provides gentle heat that envelopes the whole body.


Experience the Spa Nordic Station’s steam crypt and Russian banya. The new facilities enable you to experience a eucalyptus steam bath in a stone cave and to enjoy the Russian banya, different from Finnish saunas in that they feature aromatic jets across the stones, increasing the humidity inside.


Visit the new Strom Spa Sherbrooke for a complete thermal experience based on the concept of alternating hot and cold cycles. Family brunch is possible on Sundays. This is the perfect opportunity  for your children to discover the benefits of relaxation.  


Taking care of your mind and body also means eating well. Under the Chefs créateurs (creative chefs) banner, Balnea Spa and Spa Eastman offer delicious cuisine focused on local products in an enchanting setting.


And then there are the hotels and inns that, in addition to offering top-quality accommodations, invite you to enjoy their spa facilities.


Many centres have nestled their havens of serenity beside a lake, waterfall, stream, river, or mountain. From the moment you step onto the site, you’ll sense the promised relaxation within reach. 



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