Piopolis, a waterfront village

Piopolis, a waterfront village

Piopolis – a waterfront village

When you arrive in Piopolis, your gaze will drift out towards the lake, making you feel as if time is standing still. This Zen sensation will stay with you throughout your visit, because the locals really know how to live in the slow lane. They’ll welcome you warmly, tell you stories, lodge you in comfort and feed you well – a wonderful experience, which is sure to leave you wanting more!        


Special moments

Stop first at the village jetty, a stone’s throw from the marina. What a setting!  It won’t take too long to fall under the spell of the magnificent lake ringed by majestic mountains. As you walk towards the lighthouse, you’ll see a pergola with a sail-shaped roof and benches fashioned after the hull of a boat – an ideal spot to take a break and enjoy a picnic. At this meeting place, you’re sure to come across a couple of local residents and maybe some fishermen who will be happy to brag about the size of their catch! 


Village tour

Enchanting moments don’t end at the quayside, far from it. The Halte des Zouaves, a tourist information office, welcomes visitors with open arms. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.


Discover the local heritage

The Halte des Zouaves also showcases the local history and in the former fire hall tower, with its mini interpretation centre, you can learn a little bit about the history of this fascinating building with its unusual architecture. As you stroll through the village along the interesting heritage trail, you’ll find out the origin of the word Piopolis. Several trails fan out from the Halte, giving you the opportunity to stretch your legs.


A “tasty” village

Whether it’s the homemade gelato at Café de Pio, the legendary sugar pie from the general store in the village or the tasty meals served at the Auberge au Soleil Levant, you’ll love the gourmet delights created in this Coeur villageois.


So many things to discover…

Finding that special something among the dozens of treasures at L’Est Passe-Temps boutique shouldn’t be too difficult. The Maison culturelle Laurier-Gauthier is another great spot where an exhibition of stone artefacts -  « Les pierres qui font jaser », is on display. You might also be lucky enough to catch one of the concerts staged in the church at the end of the year, during the St-Zénon-de-Piopolis Festival


The first of the Cœur villageois in the Eastern Townships, Piopolis is the ideal place for strolling with no particular goal in mind and just letting time drift by... Dip your feet in the water, under the starlit heavens of the International Dark Sky Reserve.



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