Thousands of Reasons Why Stay at a B&B

Staying in a B&B, offers much more than just renting a nice room: It’s sharing, for a short while, the story of its owners and benefiting from their passion and attachment to their region.

By Carolyne Parent

In our Townships, the lodging offer is very diversified. However, there is one type that fits perfectly with the new trend of “reality travel,” that is to stay at a B&B, a Bed and Breakfast type of accomodation. In fact, with human contact at the top of the list of requirements made by travellers in search of authenticity, staying in a B&B is the perfect option.

If you enjoy exchanging with your hosts, to taste their local culinary specialties, to be well-advised on what not to miss in the area, to spend time in an attractive environment, you will be well served by staying in this type of lodging. And why wouldn’t you choose one of these three charming establishments of our region? We hope to hear back from you about them soon!

In Dunham

Les Hydrangées

“When we bought the house, my husband and I couldn’t find anything nice about the place except for these flowers!” confides the co-owner of Les Hydrangées, Manon Manny; and she was right: This hundred-year-old home had been lacking a lot of love!

When they were finally ready to welcome their first travellers to their two-room B&B, after five years of careful restoration work, the house was christened Les Hydrangées in memory of what defined its location… And what a location! Imagine 48 acres offering a panoramic view overlooking mounts Pinacle and Sutton. “I believe this view is what really sets us apart from other lodging offers,” says Manon, “and our guests can take advantage of it, whether they’re sitting on the terrace, by the pool or in the surrounding forest.”

Another asset of this rustic-chic home, according to the lady who loves to host and cook, is that guests are treated like “company that has just dropped by.” “Our guests feel and act at home,” says Manon, “I often find them sitting together outside, for cocktails, sipping a glass of wine and tasting some local cheeses.” Of course, oenophiles have come to the right place, the region is highly renowned for its vineyards!

  • In fact they make a date to meet at the Domaine Côtes d’ardoise at just seven kilometres from Les Hydrangées, until next October 27.

In Magog

The Ferme Au pied levé

Sometimes life hands you a surprise; take Marie-Thérèse Bonnichon for instance. This Montreal nurse, for the past 10 years has been heading a farm, then a catering service and now a B&B! When adventure called, both Marie-Thérèse and her husband answered, “we’re ready!” and this, to our greatest delight.

This B&B is a spacious wood home built three years ago specifically to welcome travellers. It offers five rooms plus a common lounge immersed in natural light. “The decor is contemporary,” explains this charming farmer, “and doesn’t need a lot of pictures on its walls when these wide windows show off such a beautiful country setting…”

“One of our assets,” says the co-owner, “is that the B&B seems to attract larger groups; families and friends gather here to celebrate special events.” Even more so because Marie-Thérèse Bonnichon, aside from breakfast, also prepares succulent dinners, always using eggs, meat and other farm and garden products. Among the six services of the evening menu, we found wild turkey salad, kid squares and maple Tarte Tatin. Wine is the only thing left to bring!

  • To stretch your legs after having eaten so well, go visit the sublime Foresta Lumina site, located in Coaticook, about thirty kilometres from the B&B

In Sherbrooke

Île de Garde

In the historic district known as the Vieux-Nord, a beautiful Italian Renaissance-style home attracts the eye with its square tower. This brick home was built in 1875 for a certain M. Beckett, owner of the local brick factory.

The present co-owner of this residence, Marie-Christine Chassot de Florencourt confirms that “This heritage home has a history that links it to Sherbrooke, and each object found here says something about its past. Guests stay in one of the four rooms to discover this past, but also to take advantage of the very Zen ambiance that reigns here,” notes the hostess. They’re quite right! The house is surrounded by grand gardens, a park and a growing orchard.

The name of the B&B is a lovely play on words. It refers to a German Benedict nun, who was a naturalist, Hildegarde de Bingen. It also refers to its square tower, somewhat resembling a watch tower which looks over the area and “where we have the impression of living on an island.” Finally, it evokes the Italian island on Lake Garda, a place of meditation and contemplation. To complete the picture, the Hildegarde gardens form a true labyrinth of medicinal plants.

  • History, quiet, but also centrally located, near downtown Sherbrooke activities (Hello Starmania until August 17; make this destination the perfect landing point for travellers.

Almost everywhere in the region, you’ll find friendly hosts ready to welcome you to their B&Bs. Discover them right here.



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