10 vineyards that stand out in the Townships

Updated on Apr 15, 2024

Being the first wine region in Quebec, the Eastern Townships distinguishes itself among others because of the fine quality of its wines and the beauty of our vineyards. Each one has that little something special, which gives them all their own personal charm. Here are 10 vineyards that are particularly notable.

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Val Caudalies—a vineyard and cidery in Dunham

The First Vermouth in Quebec

Val Caudalies offers distinct and delicious products, such as their amber vermouth with flowery, lavender and citrus aromas. The Val Caudalies vermouth is the first to be made in Quebec and is the result of a collaboration between the vineyard and Le Lab, cocktail bar. Visiting Val Caudalies, will make you discover a magnificent domain and a breathtaking panoramic view.

Le Cep d’Argent Vineyard in Magog

The Champenoise method

Immerse yourself in the world of winemaking traditions when you visit the amazing Le Cep d’Argent vineyard. The owners and winemakers take their inspiration from the Champenoise method, dating back to 1688, to make their savoury sparkling wine. There, you’ll learn more about this intriguing method shared from generation to generation. There is even a Champenoise winemaking interpretation centre!

Vignoble de l’Orpailleur in Dunham

An Industry Pioneer

The town of Dunham is one of the birthplaces of Quebec’s viticulture along with its industry pioneer, the Orpailleur Vineyard. This winemaker planted his first vines in 1982 and has, over the years, developed internationally award winning wines. He also uses the traditional Champenoise method for fermenting and bottling his sparkling wine.

Vignoble Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise in Dunham

The First Vineyard in Quebec

The Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise vineyard is the first vineyard established in Quebec, and was set up by Christian Barthomeuf, a winemaking pioneer in the region. Since 1980, this vineyard has never stopped surprising us with its long experience and innovations. Red wines, white wines, rosés, ice wines, late harvests, natural dessert wines, sparkling cider, ice cider. . . They are all amazing!

Clos Saragnat in Frelighsburg

A Unique Straw Wine

After having planted the first vineyard in Quebec, winemaker Christian Barthomeuf created ice cider and established a new vineyard on the flanks of Mount Pinacle. It is in this organic vineyard, Le Clos Saragnat, where he develops his very unique straw wine. Made with dried grapes, this wine stands out with its very sweet taste. Christian is truly a reference in the world of Quebec viticulture and lives right here in the Eastern Townships.

Château Ste-Agnès in Sutton

Romance Among the Vines and Stones

With its terraced vineyards supported by stone walls and its neo-Renaissance château, it’s hard not to fall for the natural charm of Château Ste-Agnès. Admire the superb mountain views from the paved terrace. Gastronomy, elegance and finesse are especially featured in the character wines produced here. The perfect stop for both romance and gastronomic delights when you’re in the Sutton region!

Domaine Bergeville in Canton de Hatley

The Traditional Brut Method

Aside from being certified organic, the Domaine Bergeville is the only vineyard in Quebec to devote itself totally to the production of a sparkling wine according to the traditional Brut method and stands out among others with its environmental values. The Domaine Bergeville winemakers are true nature lovers and transmit their passion through these exceptional sparkling wines.

La Halte des Pèlerins in Sherbrooke

A Urban Centred Vineyard

La Halte des Pèlerins is located only a few minutes from downtown Sherbrooke. It is the only urban centred vineyard in Quebec. On top of offering remarkable wines, the vineyard is accessible, entertaining and has true country charm. All this plus so many activities, just a few minutes from the city.

Le Vignoble du Ruisseau in Dunham

A Maple sparkling Wine

Le Vignoble du Ruisseau is both a vineyard and a maple grove. The result? A succulent maple wine and maple sparkling wine! They all have a pronounced maple flavour without being too sweet. The Vignoble du Ruisseau welcomes you to relax on their magnificent terraces and to let yourself be charmed by the view, the mountains and the babbling of their nearby stream.

Vignoble de la Bauge in Brigham

An Exotic Animal Park

On the site of the Vignoble de la Bauge vineyard, you’ll find an exotic animal park. You’ll be able to meet (and this, for free!) lovely little creatures like boars, llamas and sheep. Plus, the site is simply magnificent with its old barn and its vines flowing as far as the eye can see. The vineyard wines are absolutely delicious! Psst! Since 2016, the vineyard has undertaken an organic transition.

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