Sherbrooke, vibrant city

Published on May 17, 2019


Sherbrooke is a vibrant city, a place where you can let your ears guide you at your own pace. It’s a bubbly city offering diverse and original activities and events for music, food, word and culture lovers. Take the time to listen, and you will be captured by the city’s musical beat!

Sherbrooke is a unique sensorial metropolis you need to hear to believe. Young Sherbrooke-based articles have used the city’s acoustics to show you what summer in the city is really like. This project was born out of the creative, unique and fantastic collaboration between Destination Sherbrooke, the producer Jaycee and the electronic-jazz-hip-hop-rock group, Valaire.

Jaycee and Valaire want you to experience their creative process, a quest to find Sherbrooke’s original sounds, creating a soundtrack for the city. Steam released from sauna rocks at a spa, mountain bike chains, the falls in the Magog River gorge and the sizzle of downtown’s restaurants, these intense decibel lovers discover Sherbrooke through sound. Add a trumpet and a crazy beat and you have this summer’s greatest hit! It’s incredible to see, and especially to hear, what this vibrant city has to offer!

Sherbrooke shines through its people, students, and of course its incredible well of cultural richness. As the years go by, you can feel a growing cultural effervescence built by hundreds of passionate people working in an industry inherent to the city. Exploding with new experiences, discover Sherbrooke using your curiosity and tastes – gourmet experiences, arts and culture, cinema, music and shows. 2019 is Sherbrooke’s summer of sound!



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