La Poudrière or When a Family Outing Meets up with History

Taking a walk on the grounds of the oldest black gunpowder factory in Quebec will allow you to learn a lot about a very important segment of Quebec’s history as you discover truly unique landscapes.

Windsor’s gunpowder factory first opened in 1864 during the American Civil War and stayed in operation until an explosion, in 1922, forced its closing.

Along with discovering a portion of history, you’ll be able to walk through the Historical Poudrière de Windsor Park with more than 25 km of trails covered with rock dust that take you by the shores of the Watopeka River. In fact, by taking the “Route de la Poudre” (the Powder Route), you’ll pass through Watopeka Park; There you’ll be able to examine remnants of the old black gunpowder factory where 56 buildings were established.

Crédit : La Poudrière de Windsor

Would you like to experience what it was like to live here during this period? By immersing yourself in their multi-sensory activity, you’ll meet Hanna and Philippe who will share their vision of how the early 20th century developed. This experience will allow you to see, smell and hear the past of the Poudrière. You could also experience what it felt like to be a worker on his first day at the factory by taking the Foreman’s tour.

Their day rate includes a visit to the permanent exhibit Poussière et lumière. There’s also a picnic area if you would like to eat here (bring your lunch!)

Would you like to extend your pleasure? Why not visit the Ulverton wool mill or the Miellerie Lune de Miel? Both are located at only about twenty minutes from the Poudrière.



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