The Townships in five senses - Johanne Seymour

Murder mysteries are Johanne Seymour’s stock-in-trade, but there’s nothing remotely mysterious about her love for the Eastern Townships. The crime writer is from Montreal but for 15 years she has made her home in the Town of Lac Brome. Here are some of her favourite places, experienced through the prism of the five senses.

By Julie Roy

Smell - For Johanne Seymour, there’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly roast coffee wafting from the Café Virgin Hill in Foster, where she also finds delicious, homemade goodies to go with her cup of Joe. « I’m not a person who sticks to a routine, except when it comes to my coffee!» she explains. « It’s the smell that gets me…..But I also love this place for its gourmet produce.»

Taste - The Knowlton Marina is one of Johanne Seymour’s favourite spots where she enjoys tucking into a delicious lobster roll. «The jetty juts out into the water and the view is simply breathtaking,» she says. The author compares the marina to an exotic Tiki Bar where you can unwind with friends and while she patronizes the place mainly for its tasty food, she also enjoys the ambience and the smells coming off the lake when relaxing at the end of a busy day.

Hearing - Johanne Seymour is an avid fan of Théâtre du Lac Brome. Renovated a couple of years ago, the theatre stages both amateur and professional productions. « What I really like about it, is the fact that the shows and the plays and the concerts are so varied. The theatre offers something for everyone, » says Johanne.

Sight – In a region known for its spectacular backdrop of mountains and lakes, each view more beautiful than the next, it certainly isn’t easy to pick out the most scenic panorama of all. For Johanne Seymour, it’s the Argyll Trail , which winds along part of Brome Lake in Knowlton and passes through Trestle Cove. «There are great views along the trail and and it’s a fantastic spot for watching the sun go down,» explains the writer. (Part of the trail is kept open during the winter months.)

Touch - Just like her character Kate McDougall, Johanne Seymour loves to swim in a lake. «I’ve never been fond of swimming pools, » she explains. «I much prefer the feeling of freedom you get in open water. » She enjoys the sensation that comes over her body when she glides across Lake Brome, even when, at the beginning of the fall, there’s a decidedly chilly snap to the water! Come on all you brave souls! Follow Johanne Seymour’s example. You can do it too!

If immersing yourself in a lake sounds too daunting, you can always immerse yourself instead in Johanne Seymour’s most recent novel - Rinzen, la beauté intérieure (Libre Expression, 2018). You’ll have to wait until 2020 for her next book though. That won’t be a crime mystery. Find out the release date check here. The author is also developing a project for television, so look out for that!

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