Experiencing a BALNEA Autumn


AUTUMN takes us on a rollercoaster ride from September’s equinox until the first snowfall. Throughout its flamboyant colours to bone-freezing rain, our emotions are constantly stirred! However, it’s interesting to learn that many among us have come to terms with this very unpredictable time of year. Today, even though we’re losing more and more daylight, we remain Zen with it all! Indeed, everything changes when we discover BALNEA, this inspiring thermal reserve, nestled in the heart of Mount Gale in Bromont.

Staying Connected With Nature

Just to reach the reserve, the road leading here reveals the most amazing and breathtaking landscapes! Everyone, as they enter this magnificent site, is totally convinced they’ll enjoy a unique wellness experience.

BALNEA is set inside a beautiful natural reserve. Therefore, many, before beginning the thermal ritual, take a moment to wrap themselves in the crisp autumn air as they explore the 22 km network of trails. It is truly the perfect prelude to the thermal experience. An autumn hike is a must here and will, without a doubt chase away the seasonal blues! The body is activated, the mind relaxes, worries of the day fade and yes, we can BREATHE! Nature expands around us and allows us to kindly integrate it and retrieve a totally renewed energy. If the time is right, we can also join in the Nature Run activity; a pleasant way to awaken our muscles with an invigorating jog around the lake.

The rest of the day is then spent quietly alternating between the hot and cold baths, relaxation spaces, a deep massage, a refreshing care, and perhaps a delightful healthy lunch! All this, to soothe our bodies and souls, still somewhat in mourning of summer.

Light, Beauty and Some Mystery

Autumn always starts with a blast of colour. Then, after a few days of howling winds, a darker ambiance settles in. However, for spa enthusiasts, it’s all about perception! These hues of grey and deep greens offer an exceptional energy, especially when we find ourselves in the heart of nature as it is quietly moving toward a dormant winter.

A mindful meditation surrounded by the reserve helps to restore a certain balance; we’re able to establish our place inside an environment oscillating between the silence and the wild geese concert overhead. In fact, BALNEA launched a Mindfulness Triathlon which combines meditation, contemplation and the thermal ritual to develop a symbiosis linking us to this time and this space. Added to awakening our consciousness, we appreciate all the precious benefits the season provides.

This is what autumn has become for us, hardcore adepts of BALNEA spa + réserve thermale! Here, we cross the portal into a nurturing place, where we learn to thrive within our nordicity in all seasons. Happiness really does emanate from our nature!



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