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Divertigo and the Water Park: Experience Pure fun in Bromont!

Published on Jul 8, 2020

It’s a fact: I’m the easiest person to scare in the entire world. But it’s also true that I’m the first to volunteer when it comes to testing new experiences.

By Caroline Savard (Wooloo)

We were given the challenge to live an emotion-filled day, and it was our pleasure to take it on! Here’s an overview of our cool experience in Bromont, tested and approved by Wooloo.


Divertigo is a new outdoor areal course and games venue, set on an enormous module on Bromont’s Mont Soleil slope. The games include 40 challenges, three ziplines, a 30-foot-high swing, a free-fall simulator, and a climbing wall. In all, here we find a lot fun per square foot for the entire family!

The course was designed to offer something for everyone. Visitors have but to follow their own preferences (and their beat) as they take on the different challenges that suit them. The first level is eight feet high, so perfect for the younger ones. Chloé and I didn’t go any further than the first two floors, which was more than enough for us. However, my two little 8-and-11-year-old monkeys took off all the way to the fourth level to test all the material.

We had a lot of fun gliding on the three ziplines and I screamed for dear life as I launched out on their 30-foot-high swing! I swear I thought I would die! I must say though, it was really satisfying to feel so light in the air.

If at first, I felt insecure about safety issues, when I put on my harness with its double-hooking system, I was quickly reassured. With this equipment on my back, there are no more risks possible! The hooks are impossible to unlock at the same time, so we can let our kids explore the modules without having to follow them at a centimetre’s distance.

So overall, Divertigo, is an ideal place to experience all kinds of emotions and for having a great time with the family!

Bromont Water Park

After having climbed for dear life, we headed next door, to the Water Park. The weather was perfect for enjoying the wave pool and to hone our tans.

While the younger kids had a great time in the water games, the older ones didn’t stop for a second as they ran with a frenzy from the Torpille, to the Cheetah Chariot and the Tarzan rope. For myself, I preferred riding down the Congo River to recover from all the emotions felt earlier. And, coincidence! Chloé chose the same slides for herself as well. I still let them convince me to try the Serpents after seeing my eldest take it for the fifth time; however, I think I’ll stay with my little Spirale next time.

All this to say that we finally closed the park! We ended the day, totally spent but with wide grins on our faces and our heads filled with fun memories.

Hurray for summer vacations!

Caroline Savard

I am Caroline Savard, Vice-President of Customer’s Satisfaction, Event planning & Technical assistance for my three humans. I am also editor in chief of and creator of ludic content for and Omaï I love the beautiful, I love being active and I laugh every single day!



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